Toktok9ja Creative Studio Rules

Welcome Creator!

Please Observe the Following Rules Before You Login

Toktok9ja Creative Studio is a micro-blogging platform for freelance writers, content creators and publishers who want their articles to be read across Africa and the world.

This studio serves as a platform for creators to write, publish and share their passion with millions of Toktok9ja readers across the World.

Please observe the following rules before you publish any content:


1. All Articles to be published must be well written with correct spellings and grammar

2. All Articles must be written in English language

3. All Articles should carry at least one image which corresponds with the content to be published

4. Don’t submit pornographic or disgusting pictures or videos

5. Articles that contain advertisement of any kind will be rejected immediately. For adverts please contact the marketing department at the bottom of this website or chat with our representative on WhastApp.

6. Don’t submit false or misleading information on Toktok9ja Creative Studio to avoid being banned

7. Please be careful to select the proper Categories and tags for your article.

8. Please report any post or topic that violates any of these rules.

To submit your article for publication, login, on your dashboard click on post then add post.

Add your Article title, add media, write your article and click on save when you are done. You can also add a featured photo, and links in your article using the classic editor.

After your article is saved, it’s automatically Published.

 It will indicate published on your dashboard.

You can also customize your dashboard by adding your photos and other information about yourself. This function is only available on computers not mobile phones, so login using a computer to access this features.

To see your article stats, click on the view icon from your dashboard.