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Meet this Pretty Mechanic Girl Inspiring Change

Pretty Mechanic Girl

Pretty mechanic girl is inspiring change and we are liking it.

While most girls see mechanic work as relatively a man’s job, she seem to see it differently. Considering the high stake on this trade, her approach is totally different.

You’ll have to look very close before you notice she is a mechanic, unlike other male counterparts who by one look you’ll definitely know this is a mechanic.

What baffles me is that Nigerian mechanics feels it’s a norm to wear dirty outfit, like it’s a passport you can use to identify them, no offence.

What’s wrong in looking neat and smart while practicing your trade, just like this pretty mechanic girl?

She is the proud owner of the mechanic shop and we hope this mechanic girl inspires change in the way women think.

It’s not only fixing of nails and hair for slay queens that pays, mechanic work also pays. If you want to become a lady mechanic click here

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