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 1,504 total views,  56 views today YAWA Video of 7 Boys $qu££zing SHS Girl Inside Swimming Pool Goes Viral. According to the Ghana census, the females are more than the males but when it’s a fun time like pool parties, beach parties, or dancing, that’s when you know males are more than […]

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 2,436 total views,  10 views today Atopa Video of Teacher Chopping His Female Student L£aks Online. A video spotted by toktok9ja shows a teacher and a student chopping themselves in the hostel. According to a reliable source, the teacher is assigned to the female student as a personal teacher to help the […]

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 891 total views I Have Waited Enough! Since Christian Husbands Are Not Coming My Way, I am Giving Chance To Muslim Guys-Lady Cry Out Interfaith relationship, some of the time called a “blended relationship”, is any connection between mates proclaiming various religions. Albeit interfaith relationships and connections are regularly contracted as […]

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