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10 Things You Must Do Every Day Before Dri­ving your Car to Avoid Acci­dents

So it was Mon­day morn­ing and i for­got to set my alarm, i came back late last night after a crazy hang­out with some friends. Dizzi­ly i strug­gled to check the time on my phone.


It was 5 min­utes past 9 and i had this appoint­ment by 10am i was gonna catch. Like the speed of a pow­er bike, I jump off the bed and dash to the bath­room. After 10 min­utes wash­ing up and prepa­ra­tion, i picked the key to my car, with­out tak­ing the nec­es­sary pre­cau­tion of check­ing the car; I zoomed off.

It was on my way after the meet­ing  while head­ing towards my car that I noticed liq­uid gush­ing out beneath the car, I approached and observed the liq­uid, rub­bing it between my too fin­gers.  Alas! It was my engine oil leak­ing.

I was lucky God saved me that day, assum­ing I didn’t notice the leak­age on time and drove the car just the same way I did ear­li­er that morn­ing, my car engine would prob­a­bly have knocked and that may have result­ed to an acci­dent. God for­bid.

Why I’m I telling you this sto­ry?

This hap­pens on dai­ly basis, peo­ple are often too busy, care­less or lazy to check their vehi­cles every day before dri­ving. They feel week­ends are the appro­pri­ate time to check their car for faults or main­te­nance. It is very wrong to think this way, vehi­cles are machines and they can devel­op fault with­out giv­ing any sign. Though sophis­ti­cat­ed cars are built with arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence that can detect fault and show them on the dash­board, but it is still advis­able to check your car every day before dri­ving out.

I have put up 5 pre­cau­tions you should take before zoom­ing off with your car.

  • Check in-between your car tires

For those dri­ving large trucks with big tires, it’s impor­tant to check in- between the tires to ensure your son or daugh­ter isn’t play­ing hide and seek there. Chil­dren are very play­ful and just as ten­der as they are, they would­n’t know the dan­gers of play­ing there, just as the case of this pic­ture you saw above.

  • Always check your oil gauge before dri­ving off

Just like in my case, it’s real­ly impor­tant to check your oil and make sure it’s gauged. Nev­er be too in a hur­ry to check the oil gauged in your car, it’s as impor­tant as dri­ving the car itself.

Man Check­ing out his car’s Oil Gauge Man­u­al­ly
  • Check your hydraulic oil and make sure it’s gauged. Also check your brake pads to ensure it’s work­ing per­fect­ly. While dri­ving out, you can hit on the break mul­ti­ple times to cross-check before enter­ing the high­way.
  • Check your horn and make sure it’s work­ing prop­er­ly. It’s very imper­a­tive that your horn works per­fect­ly so you don’t get dis­ap­point­ment just in case of emer­gency.
  • Walk around your car and check the four tires to make sure they are gauged. Just one tire that’s not gauged can result in your car con­sum­ing more fuel and you’ll be wan­der­ing what’s tak­ing your fuel. Also, it can make your steer­ing stiff while dri­ving.
  • Pray to God for a save jour­ney and don’t over speed because you have those wait­ing at home to receive you in one piece.

Pro­tec­tion comes from God, yet as humans, we have to be care­ful on our own part, it’s always advis­able to go to bed ear­ly if you have an appoint­ment to catch the next day, so don’t be like me.

I hope this will be use­ful to some­one out there.

Abel Wealth.

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