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10 Things You Must Do Every Day Before Driving your Car to Avoid Accidents

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So it was Monday morning and i forgot to set my alarm, i came back late last night after a crazy hangout with some friends. Dizzily i struggled to check the time on my phone.


It was 5 minutes past 9 and i had this appointment by 10am i was gonna catch. Like the speed of a power bike, I jump off the bed and dash to the bathroom. After 10 minutes washing up and preparation, i picked the key to my car, without taking the necessary precaution of checking the car; I zoomed off.

It was on my way after the meeting  while heading towards my car that I noticed liquid gushing out beneath the car, I approached and observed the liquid, rubbing it between my too fingers.  Alas! It was my engine oil leaking.

I was lucky God saved me that day, assuming I didn’t notice the leakage on time and drove the car just the same way I did earlier that morning, my car engine would probably have knocked and that may have resulted to an accident. God forbid.

Why I’m I telling you this story?

This happens on daily basis, people are often too busy, careless or lazy to check their vehicles every day before driving. They feel weekends are the appropriate time to check their car for faults or maintenance. It is very wrong to think this way, vehicles are machines and they can develop fault without giving any sign. Though sophisticated cars are built with artificial intelligence that can detect fault and show them on the dashboard, but it is still advisable to check your car every day before driving out.

I have put up 5 precautions you should take before zooming off with your car.

  • Check in-between your car tires

For those driving large trucks with big tires, it’s important to check in- between the tires to ensure your son or daughter isn’t playing hide and seek there. Children are very playful and just as tender as they are, they wouldn’t know the dangers of playing there, just as the case of this picture you saw above.

  • Always check your oil gauge before driving off

Just like in my case, it’s really important to check your oil and make sure it’s gauged. Never be too in a hurry to check the oil gauged in your car, it’s as important as driving the car itself.

Man Checking out his car’s Oil Gauge Manually
  • Check your hydraulic oil and make sure it’s gauged. Also check your brake pads to ensure it’s working perfectly. While driving out, you can hit on the break multiple times to cross-check before entering the highway.
  • Check your horn and make sure it’s working properly. It’s very imperative that your horn works perfectly so you don’t get disappointment just in case of emergency.
  • Walk around your car and check the four tires to make sure they are gauged. Just one tire that’s not gauged can result in your car consuming more fuel and you’ll be wandering what’s taking your fuel. Also, it can make your steering stiff while driving.
  • Pray to God for a save journey and don’t over speed because you have those waiting at home to receive you in one piece.

Protection comes from God, yet as humans, we have to be careful on our own part, it’s always advisable to go to bed early if you have an appointment to catch the next day, so don’t be like me.

I hope this will be useful to someone out there.

Abel Wealth.

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