15 Best Casino Destinations To Test Your Luck Playing

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In some places, casinos and gambling are prohibited. During a trip abroad, however, you can enjoy and test your luck on roulette, card and dice, as well as slot machines at “NJ SPORTS BETTING“. But beware: enjoy in moderation! See which countries you can play without blame.

1) Las Vegas, United States

When it comes to nj sportsbooks promos casino, there is no place in the world to compare to Las Vegas. The state of Nevada, surrounded by the Mojave Desert, has over 1,700 gambling-licensed establishments and about 200,000 slot machines.

The newer, more extravagant casino hotels can be found on the Strip, the fashionable stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard, with places like Wynn, Venetian and Bellagio, with games like blackjack, roulette, best nj sportsbooks, poker and many others. To the north and south of the Strip, older casino hotels like Fremont offer more moderate prices.

2) Aruba, Caribbean

In addition to having paradise beaches, Aruba is also a good place to try your luck at a variety of games, including Caribbean Poker, invented on the island. High-end casino hotels, such as Allegro Aruba Beach, Aruba Concorde and the imposing Alhambra, are part of Aruba’s abundant hotel offer.

3) Atlantic City, United States

With twelve currently active casinos, Atlantic City, New Jersey, is the second city with the most bets to bet on in the United States. Known as Las Vegas on the east coast of the United States, the city is also famous for its promenade with amusement parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and of course casinos, such as Trump’s Taj Mahal hotel and its 160 gaming tables.

4) Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is one of eleven neighborhoods that make up the Principality of Monaco and is known for its casino, built in the mid-19th century. The place has a unique charm and one of the largest varieties of single-game games, with European roulette, American roulette, baccarat, best nj sportsbooks bonus, blackjack and poker, as well as over a thousand slot machines.

5) Macau, China

Former Portuguese colony, the small territory of Macau belongs today to China, but maintains its own laws. Casinos are allowed and remain open 24 hours a day. There are eighteen large casinos like Casa Lisboa and Casa real Casino, which originate 50% of the entire local economy.

6) Puerto Rico, United States

The island of Puerto Rico depends on the United States, but is not considered as a state, and has Spanish as its primary language. Located in the Caribbean, it has beautiful beaches, very busy and numerous casino hotels, mainly in the capital, San Juan, such as the Diamond Palace and the Radisson Ambassador.

7) Saint Maarten

The small Caribbean island is divided between France and the Netherlands. On the Dutch side, the landscape is punctuated by numerous casinos with colorful lights. Some are inspired by Las Vegas, while others embrace themes such as ancient Rome and marine life. The Royale Casino, Rouge et Noire and Atlantis World are some of the best on the island.

8) Curacao The

Dutch Caribbean Territory, Curacao is the perfect destination type for combining nightlife and paradise beaches. When not soaking up the sun, diving with dolphins or playing golf on an oceanfront course, you can test your luck at the island’s casinos, playing roulette, blackjack and poker tournaments.

9) New Orleans

The birthplace of jazz is visited by tourists from the United States and around the world to discover its rich culture and cuisine. But “Nola”, as it is known, also hosts the gambling lovers’ party with five casinos, the main one being located at the Harrah¿s hotel. Also interesting is Treasure Chest Casino, set in a traditional steamboat over the Mississippi River, with thirty gaming tables and over 900 slot machines.

10) Nassau, Bahamas

Archipelago of over seven hundred islands, the Bahamas is one of the Caribbean’s top tourist destinations. Situated on Paradise Island, adjacent to the capital Nassau, the sprawling Atlantis hotel complex has a water park, the largest casino in the Caribbean and 2,300 rooms, 11 pools, 17 beachfront restaurants. Other major Bahamas resorts such as Sheraton Nassau and Wyndham also have tables and machines to place their bets.

11) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Unlike the rest of Argentina, where you can bet on cities like Mar del Plata and Puerto Iguazu, casinos are banned in Buenos Aires. But the move was originally circumvented: a 24-hour floating casino was installed on two four-story boats from Puerto Madero on the Rio de la Plata, with a total of 1,500 machines and 150 gaming tables.

12) Sun City, South Africa

For many years, the Sun City resort in South Africa has been known to be the most luxurious on the planet. Situated about 190 km from Johannesburg, Sun City is an extravagant 250,000-square-meter hotel featuring plots of forest, lakes and man-made beaches, and a casino with slot machines, roulette tables, and major gambling tables.

13) Lima, Peru

Lima, the Peruvian capital, has numerous casinos scattered throughout the city. Some specialize in slot machines, but there are also those who have roulette and blackjack tables, poker and other games. In the Miraflores neighborhood, which is the most frequented by tourists, are Lima’s main casinos, such as Fiesta and Atlantic City, which hosts a stage of the Latin American Poker Tour.

14) Melbourne, Australia Australia’s

second largest city in the south east of the country, Melbourne is also known for being the cultural capital of the island. In addition to beautiful buildings, a heritage from the colonial period, Melbourne also has modern buildings, such as the giant Crown resort, with three hotels, restaurants, shops and a casino with over three hundred tables.

15) Singapore

Singapore started having casinos a few years ago. But the delay was quickly offset by the construction of Marina Bay Sands’ giant hotel complex, which, among other impressive numbers, has a casino with over 1,000 tables and 1,400 slot machines.


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