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16 Romantic Jokes That Will Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing

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16 Romantic Jokes That Will Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing

16 Romantic Jokes That Will Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing.


1) Jesus fed 2700 women and he never
want anything from them, but you, yes you!
You bought a girl ordinary phone and you
want to enter there, are you not mad?

2). I hate it when Facebook couples disappear after a breakup and says nothing to us the Facebook in-laws, after all our support.

3) Bride price should be based on Breast side, after all, watermelon is expensive than orange! Wisdom will not kill me o!

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4) Girls are so wicked and selfish, how can you deny me of a hole you didn’t drill?

5) My sister. If you go with your girlfriend to your man’s house and the dog doesn’t bark at her.. Wisdom! My sister I say wisdom!🤪🤪

6) The kind money I want to have ehh! Even if I come late to my traditional marriage, my in-laws will apologize, they be like “Our son, we are sorry you came late, it’s our fault, we woke up too early”.

7) The way fine girls are behaving nice to me this days ehh, I feel like having one, but this my virginity till marriage is a MUST for me.🤪🤪😂
Argue with your father’s children.

8). Dating an insecure and jealous guy is not easy oo..
BF: babe, where are you
GF: I’m at home.
BF: doing what?
GF: I’m frying plantain.
BF: Ok, fry one lemme hear the sound.

9) Girls that wear heels to an event and come back with slippers don’t last long in a relationship, they can’t endure for long i swear.

10). Guys, if a lady visits you and you gist, eat, watch a movie and she returns home in peace without sex, will you die? Some girls will be like ‘Tell them oo”, but you girls, when did your boyfriend’s house become a cinema, give him what he want jhoor!

11) The road to heaven is narrow. I pity those that are fat.
Lemme mind my business sef!

12) Seriously, after smokers, the next people who are liable to die young are those who don’t mind their business!

13) guys that turn back to look at a girls buttocks the day you will turn to salt is coming!
Have said my own

14) if you are short stop celebrating your birthday, you are not growing at all
Don’t insult me oh am not your mate oh!

15) When You Want to Charge your phone In a Football Viewing centre and You Mistakenly Off The DSTV during penalty shoot out of Nigeria Quarter finals..
shey you remember when your mum always tell you that your phone will kill you one day ?.. The moment has finally come.. Just get ready to die!

16) You sent her 1k recharge card, she loaded it and now flashes you. You with only 25 naira on your phone will now call her and ask if she has loaded it.
Bro come forward…
No I won’t beat you oh..
Just come forward..
Place your hand on your head… Now repeat after me
“Every spirit from my father’s side and my mother’s side, using my sense for pepper soup die by fire”

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16 Romantic Jokes That Will Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing
16 Romantic Jokes That Will Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing
16 Romantic Jokes That Will Make You Roll on the Floor Laughing
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