25 Words of Wisdom for June

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25 Words of Wisdom for June

25 Words of Wisdom for June to get you motivated and prepared to overcome and takeover.

  1. Once upon a time I met a man who told me that: telling the truth and making someone cry, is better than telling a lie and making someone smile and happy.
  2. He said to me your true friends are those who will never avoid you just because they have met new friends.
  3. As he kept on speaking to me, he said if some people do not appreciate and value my presence, I should work hard to make them value and appreciate my absence.
  4. He said I must not be angry with anyone who is quiet on me because there must be a reason why they are quiet, and that I will get to know the reason later.
  5. He told me it is always better to be a blessing to others at all times than to be a burden at any time.
  6. He said I must learn to forgive others not because they deserve it but because I deserve the peace that comes with forgiveness.
  7. I must know that everyone deserves a second chance and many more chances if they ask for forgiveness, but I must not lose my guard over their intentions.
  8. I must not only talk to people in my free time, but I must free my time to talk to people.
  9. I must know that the truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie will hurt for a long time.
  10. I must learn to value and respect people who tell me the truth no matter how painful the truth is.
  11. I must make my decisions when I am in the right mood, not when I am angry, likewise I must not make promises when I am excited with high emotions.
  12. I must know that some people are like candles that burn themselves to give light to others. I should not have regrets if I happen to be one of such candles.
  13. I must learn to be a caring friend because it is a thousand times better than a careless lover.
  14. I should value and protect my relationships of many years of investments because they are like a book that takes years to write but, can get burnt only within few seconds.
  15. He specifically said this repeatedly that: If I have a problem with someone, I should *go tell the person and not go tell the world.
  16. He said to me that I should know that nobody is too busy, it is just a matter of their priorities within a day.
  17. He said to me that people can trust you when you are consistent with what you say and what you do.
  18. He said with a low voice, only God can be totally trusted. Trust God 100%.
  19. He then said: no matter what, I must not forget those who helped and stood by me in my time of trials and during my difficult times.
  20. I must always remember those who turned their backs on me in my difficult times of trials. Not for vengeance, but for the lesson of life.
  21. I must be careful with those who put me into difficult times but I must never hate them. It is a lesson of life.
  22. He said again: I must be grateful at all times to God for this life and for living. It is a privilege, and not a right.
  23. As he was leaving me, he said, always remember how temporary this world is, you must always be conscious of the reality of eternity with God in heaven or with Satan in hellfire.
  24. He smiled and left waving me for a long time. *Who must this man be?
  25. What he told me may be useful to you,

God bless you more as you meditate upon these words and, perhaps share with your friends if you wish.

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25 Words of Wisdom for June
25 Words of Wisdom for June
25 Words of Wisdom for June
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