4 Most Powerful African Kings That Ever Lived (photos)

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1. Hannibal Barca (247 BC – 183 BC) was an African Carthaginian military commander, generally considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. Also creditd for having major victories against the Roman Empire with his mighty warriors that marched into battle on the backs of great elephants! He was later defeated by the Roman Empire and returned to Carthage, North Africa where he was elected to the “Office of Suffete” which was the Highest Appointed Official in Carthage at that time.

SIDE NOTE: Contrary to the incorrect depictions passed down through history, Hannibal was NOT a White man. He was in fact a Black man of North Africa and the coins baring his likeness its a proof of that fact.

2. Cetshwayo kaMpande (1826 – 1884)was the King of the Zulu Nation from 1872 to 1879 and its leader during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. He famously led the Zulu nation to victory against the British in the Battle of Isandlwana.

3. Pharaoh Akhenaten meaning “Effective for Aten” known before the fifth year of his reign as Amenhotep IV, was a pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt who ruled for 17 years and died perhaps in 1336 BC or 1334 BC. He is especially noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aten. Husband of Nefertiti and father of King “Tut” Tutankhamun.

4. Oba (as it is known in West Africa) Sunni Ali Beer (circa 1442-1492) built the largest most powerful empire in West Africa during his 28-year reign. With a remarkable army,he won many battles, conquered many lands, seized trade routes and took villages to build the Songhay empire into a major center of commerce, culture and Moslem scholarship.

Culled from The African King Series by James C. Lewis

CC: lalasticlala, Ishilove

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