Have you ever wonder what it takes to draft a good CV that cannot be rejected by any employer? It doesn’t take a genius to write a good CV, it’s your lucky day as i will be working you through. What is a CV? A CV is an official document […]

There is no greater feeling than knowing your life and property are safe, especially in a country where insecurity is a major problem. Technologies such as the Closed Circuit Television are helpful in securing our precious assets, but if you can’t afford to install the CCTV in your home or […]

I ‘ve often heard the word brown skin girl, from numerous source, celebrities, big personalities and even Beyoncé sang a song using this phrase, but that’s not the bone of contention today. You’ll agree with me that real beauty originated from Africa. The ‘brown skin’ on everyone’s lips is the […]

In a competitive, saturated industry like music, it’s hard to tell exactly what it takes to identify a good music professional. Training, skill, eclecticism, responsibility, boldness, proactivity are some of the factors that distinguish a quality musician. You can find extremely competent musicians by paying attention to the tips which […]

We’ve see it all when it comes to tattoos, we’ve see a medical doctor who’s training to become a surgeon tattoo all her body and we thought she was the most tattooed woman on planet, until we came across this photo. We’ve also seen a man who has had over […]

Few people enjoy writing business essays because it is often seen as a complete task. They can’t make more time writing business easy, due to its technicality. It takes time to write business essays, but if you follow the 10-step plan below, then it will certainly not take you months […]

It was Falz the bahd guy who recently called out critics for “shooting down the messenger and missing the message”, as he responded to blacklash on his “This is Nigeria” video. Perhaps, this is new territory for Falz, but not so for social researchers and public opinion pollsters. We are […]

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