5 Reasons Why Girls Prefer Bad Boys To Nice Guys

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Girls Prefer Bad Boys

10 Reasons Why Girls Prefer Bad Boys To Nice Guys.

Many times I would ask a lady to describe the kind of men she likes, and most of them usually say they love nice, caring, and kind men. But time and time again they have chosen the so-called “Bad boys” over the nice guys they claim to like which to me is very ironical.

“What is it about these bad boys?” I have often asked myself. I have watched so many romantic movies and also read many love-oriented novels, the men in those films and novels are usually very nice and caring. But why do women find themselves falling for bad boys in real life? I decided to do some research to find out the truth behind this matter.

The following reasons that I will be presenting to you are purely my opinion as you can give yours in the comment section.

Why Girls Prefer Bad Boys To Nice Guy

  • Bad boys are usually Alpha males: what this basically means is that most bad boys are dominating, controlling, successful, and the leading men in a group. So they usually attract attention to themselves. All these characteristics can be very beneficial for drawing girls’ attention to these bad boys in a romantic way.
  • Nice guys are mostly Beta males: nice guys on the other hand are too boring, they lack substance which makes them not to be interesting enough for girls to want to be with them. They focus too much on being nice which can be very dull for a relationship, whereas a little teasing here and there makes a relationship more fun. Even though these days women are strong and independent, they still need a man that can protect and take charge.
  • Bad boys are usually attractive: Note that I am not talking about physical attractiveness because there are a lot of guys that are very handsome and still have no girlfriend or women are not very attracted to them. What makes most bad boys attractive is not their physical features, but their confidence and the way they carry themselves, these are what makes them attractive to girls. A bad boy’s confidence makes him look even more handsome than he actually is. For example, a man that always says things like “I can do that” or “that is easy for me” are very appealing to females. Bad boys exude self-assuredness and a confident personality that attracts the attention and affection of women.
  • Nice guys are perceived to have low self-esteem: the so-called nice guys behave as if they don’t deserve to be loved or be in a long-lasting relationship with a beautiful woman. Women are not attracted to those kinds of attitude and behavior, that is the reason why nice guys are usually friend-zoned by females. So they begin to ask themselves “but I was very nice to her and all” well it is not all about being nice, learn to take charge.
  • Bad boys are usually honest: most women can sense when a man is telling a lie, and as we all know bad boys usually says what comes to their minds with mincing words. Women tend to go for the “honest bad boys” even though some of them can be jerks sometimes. When a bad boy tells a girl that she looks very beautiful in a certain dress, she would be very happy and appreciative about it because she knows he is saying the truth. But these trait has its disadvantages because sometimes girls may end up dating a selfish and self-centered guy at the end.
  • Nice guys are way too nice: They are usually way too nice to the point of telling lies so that they would not hurt the feelings of the girl. This trait is sometimes helpful, but like they say “too much of everything is bad”. Women are smart and intuitive they can detect a lie which will definitely lead to a lack of trust in the relationship. Nice guys are ” people-pleasers”, so that is why it looks like the affection they give doesn’t seem genuine.
  • Bad boys are more fun to be around: They are what we call the life of the party, without them, the party, occasion, or gathering do not seem to be fun at all. They are free-spirited and fun to be with. Girls are usually attracted to these types of guys and tend to have affection for them.
  • Nice guys are usually boring: These types of boys usually believe that kindness is all its takes to win a women’s heart. Nice guys tend to be boring at times they lack a sense of humour, they can’t take a joke and most of the time they can’t give a joke.
  • Bad boys are rebellious: It has been scientifically proven that women are attracted to men with a deviant character. Men that are not always obedient to higher authority always seem to attract females. Have you ever wondered, why the “bad boy” in your street always seems to have all the girls? Bad boys are opinionated, headstrong, and most of the time narcissistic, all these traits are very helpful to attract the womenfolk, no matter how much they tend to deny it women have a thing for rebellious men. That is why this question still plagues men today, “what do women want?”
  • Nice guys usually don’t have a mind of their own: They have what I call “the zombie character” if you tell them to go, they will go without question. They mostly behave like they don’t have a strong will, which women find very unattractive. A man should be able to argue points, stand his ground, and be sure of himself, which are all good traits, if you want to have an interesting relationship.

What do you think of the following reasons that were put forward above? Follow, like and you can add some of your reasons in the comment section.




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