Actress Regina Daniels Might be pregnant for boo…


Regina is so secretive that she would prefer not to divulge even the name of her boyfriend. But the youthful desire to share her happiness with the whole world won. Her boyfriend name is Somadina Adinma, and he is an actor.

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A recent picture of the teen actress shows tat she might be pregnant and her fans are going gaga . Regina’s boyfriend is an Actor, He has acted in some popular films such as Forest of Promises and Breath of Anger. Somadina also took part in Speak the Word and Speak the Word 2.

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Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels who wields more influence than several of her older counterparts was recently pictured in the pool with some guy rumoured to be her boyfriend.In an interview ,  Regina Daniels spoke about the controversy surrounding her age.

A tragedy movie “Miracle Child” brought her real fame in 2010. Regina is still in school, but she manages to combine it with a successful acting career.

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“I hear people have been saying that I’m up to 20 years. No, I’m not up to that at all. I just don’t like talking about my age. And there is no mystery behind the real age.However, when I marked my birthday weeks ago, Mummy Mercy Johnson wished me Happy 16th birthday, I think she is right,” she said with smiles.

In a recent interview with House of Maliq, she revealed she earns about N600,000 per movie as she was introduced into the movie industry at a very tender age by her mother.

House of Maliq also revealed her estimated net worth to be $350,000, Making her the richest teen actress in Nigeria, Good for her, Wale ojo also graced the cover..

Regina Daniels is a young and successful actress. Despite her young age, she has managed to achieve a lot in the film industry and to declare her name loudly to the whole world. Popularity and the big interest of the public go hand in hand.

It is evident that the personal life of such famous Nigerian actress as Regina Daniels attracts the attention of the public. So, who is the young man the actress is dating?

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This guy is very popular on Instagram, as evidenced by the number of his subscribers, which are about 168 thousand. He often shares his photos with Regina. However, the couple don’t often appear in public.

Rumour has it that Nollywood teen star, Regina Daniels is romantically involved with fellow actor, Somadina Adinma, and these images kinda prove it. The images were shared on Instagram by the 18-year-old over the last couple weeks.

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