Blockchain technology will become more significant over the coming decades, it is already been adapted by many sportsbooks. Many betting sites have been accepting Bitcoin for placing bets and for deposits over the past few years. 

As blockchain tech continues to escalate, various cryptocurrencies will be accepted by sportsbooks which have the ability to process these types of transactions.

The betting industry is lacking behind in honesty and trust. Odds are fixed in secret and are always set in the favour of the bookmaker. This makes it painful for users to keep track and make correct decisions. 

Once a bet is placed then the blockchain is immutable. A player cannot go back and alter or erase their prediction. And the odds also will be the same and it makes betting neutral and transparent.

Same as the concept of jurisdiction-free betting, blockchain currency promises to secure the privacy of bettors while allowing sportsbooks to run at a lower cost approach. 

In the future, sports betting sites that adapt VR, cryptocurrency and betting without jurisdiction will have a significant advantage over companies that aren’t capable of adapting this technology. 

Another important aspect where bookmaking business becomes profitable by the introduction of blockchain is cash flow. Money transfer becomes painless and transaction charges are also very less.

Just like the initial stage of online sports betting, players will run towards these services for a superior value for time, money and privacy.

The leftover industries will struggle to compete with advanced companies as players reject previous methods of betting.

To help you in understanding ‘Blockchain in sportsbetting’, one of our colleagues designed an informative infographic at Please, check out our infographic and express your thoughts on it.


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