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Woman Obsessed With Tan­ning Injec­tions Wants More Surgery

A white woman who caused con­tro­ver­sy by claim­ing that she now iden­ti­fied as a black woman fol­low­ing her use of extreme tan­ning injec­tions, is report­ed­ly plan­ning on get­ting more surgery…

Ger­man mod­el Mar­ti­na Big appeared on theThis Morn­ing sofa back in 2017, and told view­ers watch­ing at home that she’d become an “African Black Woman”.

Now, reports in the Dai­ly Star sug­gest that while plen­ty of peo­ple are crit­i­cal of her claims, the 30-year-old has ‘befriend­ed’ mem­bers of the African com­mu­ni­ty in Ger­many, who also approve of her ‘tran­si­tion’.

Recall­ing her past surg­eries, Mar­ti­na told Bar­croft TV: “My first body mod­i­fi­ca­tion pro­ce­dure start­ed in Spring 2012. I had a rhino­plas­ty, I got small­er legs, hips and waist as I want­ed to cre­ate an extreme ver­sion of Bar­bie.

In the past it was blonde Bar­bie with white skin but now it is a extreme exot­ic Bar­bie.”

Mar­ti­na also claims that the tan­ning injec­tions — which are ille­gal here in the UK — have made her hair dark and curly, and her eyes brown.

The 30-year-old now says she wears tra­di­tion­al African cloth­ing, is learn­ing Swahili, and recent­ly vis­it­ed Kenya.

Mar­ti­na con­tin­ued: “When I start­ed I only want­ed to have lit­tle bit of sun col­or, like, hol­i­day col­or. The doc­tor did three injec­tions in Jan­u­ary last year in 2017, but not only my skin col­or changed, also my eye brow col­or changed, my eye colour changed, my big grow­ing hair got dark­er and now you can see it’s going curly like the African girls.

So real­ly my whole body has changed.

It’s real­ly fas­ci­nat­ing what’s hap­pened, I think I am chang­ing my race, yes.

This is the rea­son why I go to Africa, to learn more about the cul­ture, I’m not only chang­ing my colour, but I feel like I’m black.

I now describe myself as an African woman.”

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