Body Builder – Branch Warren Suffers Horrible Rotator Cuff Tear

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As a bodybuilder, pushing your body to the limit is essential to making new gains. You can’t hope to compete in a bodybuilding show and not push yourself hard. But, while training hard is essential to making solid gains, recovery is also a major component of seeing results.

Sometimes pushing past our limits can just ultimately lead to unforeseen circumstances, namely horrible injuries that can sideline our progress.

While we may not have seen him on a bodybuilding stage for quite some time, Branch Warren has kept training hard in the gym. Retirement doesn’t mean you completely give up the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to over years and years of training. Branch Warren may not be competing, but bodybuilding is in his blood. Pushing hard is also in his blood, which has unfortunately led him right to an injury.

In his most recent Instagram post, Branch Warren touches on his recent rotator cuff injury and what it means for his training going forward.

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