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 852 total views See The 8 Things That Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol. Drawing on scientific evidence, we’ll be laying out eight things that are likely to happen when you stop drinking alcohol — the good and the bad. Here’s a list of them below: 1. Withdrawal The crazy thing is, if you’re feeling […]

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 391 total views,  2 views today 6 Natural Ways to Treat High Blood Pressure With No Side Effects. High blood pressure is one of the most dangerous illnesses that is usually being underrated. Some people can have very high blood pressure and won’t know until the day it becomes worse and cause […]

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 263 total views,  2 views today What Is Female Ejaculation; How Does It Come, and What Are the Health Benefits? Female ejaculation is when a female’s urethra expels fluid during sex. It can happen when a female becomes sexually aroused, but this is not necessarily associated with having an orgasm. It is characterized […]

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 1,943 total views,  14 views today VERY IMPORTANT! These Soaps Are Silent Killers, Stop Using Them To Bathe. To live a healthy life, personal hygiene is vital. Hair, nails, and a clean environment are important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and Bathing is no exception. Especially given that our world is evolving […]

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 1,354 total views,  8 views today See the 5 Foods You Need To Avoid Before Going To Bed. Hold on a second before you eat that handful of pounded yam, there is some food you shouldn’t eat late, read on to know how to eat the right food at night. Eating regularly […]

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 523 total views,  2 views today Don’t Use This Ingredient to Cook Beans If You Want to Live Long. Almost every plant has different species, so is beans. There are different species of beans and that involves their texture and also how long it’ll take for them to cook, which is why […]

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 961 total views,  10 views today 5 Reasons Why Doctors Advise Women Not To Wear Pant. Doctors have been telling women to minimise the way they put on underwear. It’s actually very advisable for women not to wear underwear sometimes especially at night when they want to sleep. Yes, it is scientifically […]

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 702 total views,  3 views today Pubic sores usually start with skin irritation and then become infected with bacteria that are naturally present on the skin. When someone develops it, they can try various home remedies to treat the problem. Before we discuss the treatment and management of pubic swelling, let’ s […]

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