Connect With Friends, Network, Chat, and Meet the World on “Essence Forum” from Toktok9ja

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Connect With Friends, Network, Chat, and Meet the World on “Essence Forum” from Toktok9ja

The essence of life is for you to be happy, reach out to as many as you can, connect to a larger audience, and network with like minds, “Essence Forum” from Toktok9ja is a platform that gives you access to all these and many more.

Essence Forum is a fast-growing social media platform that was created to bring like minds from different fields of life to connect, network and solve problems bothering the co-existence of humanity.

Expression, they say is the key to freedom and that is why the management of Toktok9ja created this platform to enable people around the world have the freedom of expression which is the real essence of life.

What is the Goal of Essence Forum?

To galvanize people around the world and give them the power to express themselves.

Why is the Forum Unique from Other Forums?

The forum cares about the health of people around the world, that’s why we’ve made it a priority to add a health niche where professional health workers around the world can offer free health care to help tackle the various health needs of people considering the current COVID-19 Pandemics.

Aside from that, users of the forum have the chance of winning giveaways as we have designed various weekly tasks for users to participate in and win amazing prizes, such as mobile phones, power banks, mp3 players, headphones, customized shirts, and face caps, recharge cards, etc. This is a new concept that has never been done by any other forum.

How Does Essence Forum Work

It’s a simple and easy-to-use platform, all you need to do is register with your email address, log in and customize your profile.

You can add your name, biodata, location, country, and signature to your profile. This is important so other users of the platform will crave to engage with you more.

What are the Forums Topics and Niches for Discussion?

At the moment, we have the following forums for discussion: Health, Politics, Education, Entertainment, Romance, Religion, Job and Vacancies, Travels, Culture and Tradition, Business, advertisement, and Properties/Investments, Poems/stories/motivational talks. More will come as we continue to get reviews and feedback from users.

What Can Users Do on the Forum?

Like we mentioned earlier, users can customize their profile and add topics for discussion on the various forum sections we mentioned above. They can create their own blog post; add their social media handles and website’s link to their profile.

They can also react to topics, chat, and network with other users via the comment section of the post, view other user’s profiles, see user’s online, get notifications on replies to their posts, like other user’s posts, report a post to admin, drop links to other websites, subscribe to post notifications which will be sent to their email address, post pictures, videos, music, podcast and other things like that.

There are also trophies and badges for users who post and participate on the forum constantly. As you post topics and interact on the forum regularly, your star and badge will increase and this comes with some benefits which will be unfolded soonest.

Can I Advertise My Product on the Forum?

Yes, there is a forum for advertisement for new users and all adverts should go in there.

What is the Milestone in Some Years to Come?

We don’t just want to make the platform a forum; we are looking at modifying it to a full social media platform that can compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

You are welcome to ask any question or request assistance from the admin and moderators on any section of the forum you need clarification via the comment section of this post.

 Feel free to drop your suggestion on how we can grow the forum.


Meet the world…


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