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#dontexecute – Imam of Peace Breaks Silence on the Execution of Nigerian Musician Yahaya Over Blasphemy

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Imam of Peace

A Muslim Cleric Imam of peace has reacted to the death sentence given to 22-year-old singer, Yahaya Aminu, for alleged blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad in one of his songs

Nigerians have expressed their outrage after the death sentence place on a 22- year old singer, by Upper Shari’a Courtin Kano Court for speaking blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad.

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During the ruling on Monday, the Shari’a court Khadi, Aliyu Muhammad Kani, pronounced the 22-year-old singer, Yahaya Aminu Sharif guilty of the one-count charge about derogatory statement discovered in one of his songs.

Imam of Peace

The popular cleric and advocate for peace simply Iman of Peace, has began the hashtag (#dontexecute) on Twitter, persuading Nigerians to follow the trend.

The Imam of peace wrote this on Twitter:

“Nigerian singer Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, 22, is about to be executed for blasphemy. This is a bogus charge. Blasphemy is a very technical term that meant something in the 14th Century. In 2020 this is a violation of human rights. Use the hashtag: #dontexecute and make it trend in Nigeria”,.

Imam of Peace

Other Nigerians are following the steps of Imam of Peace and spreading the hashtag #dontexecute.

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A Twitter user Ovie OSIRIS Oserivwoja @Ovie02 went on Twitter to say:

“a country that can pardon terrorists but kill a man for blasphemy. Even Saudi Arabia is shocked at the level of extremism of Northern Nigerian Muslims. We in the south want out of this entanglement.#dontexecute.”

Amother Twitter user wrote on his Twitter handle:

“Nothing, and I mean nothing should ever warrant the killing of anyone for anything they’ve said. This is repulsive and regressive. Death sentencing for blasphemy are a human rights violation and the FG must act to stop the sentence from being carried out. #dontexecute.”

Some people, Nigerians have supported the death sentence given to the 22-year old singer for his alleged blasphemy. Some on the other hand are kicking against it. The Imam of peace is one of the first persons to speak against it.

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Imam of Peace
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