First Mini Pen Dual Sim Phone by Servo

Servo Pen Dual Sim Phone

First Mini Pen Dual Sim Phone by Servo is innovation at it’s best.

Technology is evolving and innovation is making life easy as inventors work around the clock inventing gadgets to meet the demands and expectation of the new generation.


Mobile smart phones concept has been inculcated to wrist watches and now the first Mini Pen Dual Sim Phone, just emerge designed by Servo.

Imagine carrying two phone in a pen, this is the sweetest mini invention ever.

Some of the features of the Mini Pen Duel Sim Phone includes the following:

Video Recording, Camera, Flashlight, Magic Voice (Men, Women and Children), Dual (2 Nano SIM card), Bluetooth Control Distance (10M), Healthy Living Ultra – Low Radiation, Ballpoint Pen (Hand writing), FM Radio, Sound Recording and 0.9 Inch Tiny Screen.


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