Devilish 5G Pipes by MTN and Airtel Allegedly Discovered In Lagos (Video)

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Devilish 5G Pipes by MTN and Airtel Allegedly Discovered In Lagos.

The confusion over the connectivity of the rampaging Covid-19 and the privacy-beleaguered 5G network might be getting clearer after all.

Even after the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami had vehemently denied ever granting any such license of 5G network to give its installations nod, Nigerians have discovered that, why the stay home order is ongoing, communication giants, MTN and Airtel have started laying the 5G network pipes which have been sending jitters across the globe.

The 5G radiation, according to sources, though unconfirmed will hamper human lives and privacy which will give total control to world powers. Clips have been flying around how citizens in other countries of the world, the UK and even China have been pulling down the gigantic 5G masts mounted in the cities.

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We call on the Nigerian government most especially the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy to come out and address the situation before it gets out of hand.

We’re also challenging MTN and Airtel to explain why the laying of the pipes should be now when Nigerians are sitting at home.

Please let’s share this on our WhatsApp groups, twitter and repost on all our social handles until it gets to concerned authorities, the time to act is now. God bless.

Below is the footage of the pipes currently being laid in Mende Lagos.

Devilish 5G Pipes by MTN and Airtel Allegedly Discovered In Lagos.

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