GOOD NEWS FOR NIGERIANS! Military Arrest Top Boko Haram Commander During Raid

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GOOD NEWS FOR NIGERIANS! Military Arrest Top Boko Haram Commander During Raid

GOOD NEWS FOR NIGERIANS! Military Arrest Top Boko Haram Commander During Raid.

The Nigeria Military through troops of Operation Hadin Kai, OPHK, recorded yet another major victory over Boko Haram as the current onslaught on the terrorists terrorizing the north east continues.

The past few weeks have seen the Nigeria military ramp up pressure on terrorists in the north east. This has been pointed out as the major reason why terrorists have been surrendering in droves.

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Nearly 6,000 terrorists in the northeast have surrendered. This marks one of the largest defections since the insurgency began in the region 12 years ago.

On top of the recent victories the Nigerian military has recorded over terrorists, there was yet another victory to celebrate for the troops on Thursday.

How The Top Boko Haram Commander Was Arrested

GOOD NEWS FOR NIGERIANS! Military Arrest Top Boko Haram Commander During Raid

The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig.-Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu disclosed on Thursday in a statement that a high-profile Boko Haram member on the military wanted list has been arrested during a recent raid on the terrorists’ hideouts in parts of the North East.

Nwachukwu said the troops of Sector 2, OPHK, arrested the wanted terrorist, Yawi Modu, along Damboa-Wajiroko road.

He also disclosed that the troops raided the terrorists’ Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) materials hub in Damboa and Gashua Local Government Areas of Borno and Yobe States, respectively, during their operations.

According to him, troops also successfully busted a urea fertiliser syndicate known for supplying terrorists with IED materials in a market believed to be the notorious hub for IED materials for the Boko Haram terrorists and Islamic State in West African Province (ISWAP).

The statement said, “These ISWAP criminals facing the reality of obvious depletion are desperately acquiring IED materials to make explosive devices with which to unleash terror on innocent civilians, in a bid to remain relevant and present a posture of potency.

“In the sting operation conducted, a total of 281 (50Kg) bags of Urea were recovered from the warehouses in the market and two notorious distributors were also arrested.

“Recall that Urea fertiliser has been banned by Government because of its use as a major component for manufacturing IED by terrorists.

“The suspects and materials recovered are currently undergoing preliminary investigation,” he said.

Nwachukwu said that the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Faruk Yahaya, had commended the troops for their vigilance and resilience and reassured them of his support to decisively deal with the terrorists.

Bandits Also Being Made To Face The Heat

GOOD NEWS FOR NIGERIANS! Military Arrest Top Boko Haram Commander During Raid

Like terrorists, bandits are also being made to face the heat by the Nigerian military with dozens of them getting killed as a result.

A military official confirmed the recent success the military is recording over bandits. He explained that locals were cooperating with them in the onslaught against the bandits and criminals who had abducted many people and waiting to collect a ransom.

Asked whether the Super Tucano aircraft recently acquired are being used in the operations, the source said no.

“We are not using it in this operation. It is our alpha jets that we are using and the clearance is massive and successful.”

The source, who does not want to be named, said the operation was being carried out by the military and sister security agencies.

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“It is an all-around operation involving the army, the air force and DSS. We are happy that locals are supporting us with useful information,” he said.

Another source close to the security and intelligence community said the successes being recorded against bandits has not been in the media because operatives had been directed to speak less on what they were doing as it concerns the onslaught against bandits.

GOOD NEWS FOR NIGERIANS! Military Arrest Top Boko Haram Commander During Raid

“The military, police and DSS have been directed to refrain from issuing statements on their operation so as to checkmate informants from alerting the bandits on what is going on,” he said.

“Despite what some people are saying, there is no going back on the bombardment.  The priority is to kill the bandits’ leaders.

“It is a misnomer for anyone to say the bandits should be given amnesty…Contrary to the widely circulated opinion, findings revealed that most of them are born criminals and will never repent.

“If not how can you explain the of somebody’s wife by the criminals? How can you explain the wholesome raid of villages where innocent people are being killed? It is wrong for some people to be unnecessarily sympathetic to the bandits. The ban on movement and communication, though tough but is worth it,” the source said.

Another military source confirmed that an armed Recce mission by NAF helicopter gunships intercepted a large gathering of bandits dressed in black clothes with several rustled herds of cattle around Kawara Village in Giwa LGA of Kaduna State.

The source said, “On sighting the aircraft, the bandits ran and hide in between the cattle while navigating their movement. After clustering at a water crossing point, the bandits were struck in successive passes by the aircraft.

“Some casualties that were spotted to be struggling to scamper for safety were also successfully neutralised by the aircraft. A reverse trail back to their initial departure point revealed a possible logistics base which was also struck until it went into flames,” he said.

He said security operatives on the ground at Kawara later confirmed that over 40 bandits were killed while motorcycles and their food items were destroyed at the camps during the attack.

Military Sending Bandits To Hell, Presidential Aide

Femi Adesina, presidential spokesman, in a recent publication boasted that the Nigeria military is sending bandits to God to answer for their sins.

In an article on Thursday entitled, ‘I Like This Pampering. Don’t you?’, Adesina said these criminals that have terrorised Zamfara, Kaduna and Niger states among others were given a chance to turn over a new leaf, but they refused.

The presidential aide said the military is cleaning up the country and making Nigerians proud.

“From the forests of a thousand daemons in Zamfara, Kaduna, Niger states, among others, bandits, criminals, evildoers are taking a pounding,” he said.

“In their scores, scores upon scores, they are being spoken to in the language they understand, and sent to God to answer for their sins. One has never been prouder of our military.

“Before they got to this sorry pass, they had the chance to turn a new leaf. Zamfara, Katsina, and many other states offered dialogue.

“The governments tried to negotiate with them. But they were contumacious. Like dogs fated for destruction, they refused to hear the hunters’ whistle. They filled the land with sorrow, tears and blood, ‘dem regular trademark’ (as Fela Anikulapo-Kuti would say). Now, the shoe is on the other foot.

“In the different evil forests, when the Nigerian Air Force strikes from the sky, the remnants of the evildoers not killed immediately attempt to flee. The ground troops then pick them off like flies.”

Adesina said the security challenges inherited by the Buhari administration mutated and became hydra-headed.

“A government exists to solve problems, and that is what President Buhari has been committed to doing. But some people, out of evil hearts and petty political gains, want it to be the definition of the government,” he said.

“He could not secure the country. Thousands of citizens were killed under him. But they will be shocked! The insecurity ravaging the land will soon become history.

“Where will they then hide their faces?”



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