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How Do I Breakup With A Native Doctor’s Daughter? I Need Your Advice

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A Native Doctor's Daughter

How Do I Breakup With A Native Doctor’s Daughter? I Need Your Advice.

“I am in a relationship with the only child and daughter of a powerful traditionalist (herbalist).

We are no more attracted to each other and she knows it deep down.

In fact, we are both fed up with the 3 years old relationship. The problem now is that, how do I break-up with her without hurting her or incurring the wrath of her dad?”

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This message was sent to mail boy by a member of our community who need serious advice.

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Please no names calling, just share your opinion and advice on how the young man can break-up the relationship and move on without any harm happening to him.

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A Native Doctor's Daughter
A Native Doctor's Daughter
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