How Kidnappers Lured My Friend Disposed Him of Valuables and Murdered Him

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About three weeks ago the corpse of a friend and school mate of mine Ebiwari Doukpolagha was found at a garbage dump in Apo here in Abuja. Autopsy carried out disclosed he was strangled, and also possibly handcuffed at a point. Few days later, someone brought his Range Rover jeep to the police station, claiming that a man dropped it to be washed, paid and didn’t come back. Well, his body was committed to mother earth last Thursday at his home town of Nembe, Bayelsa State.

On Saturday, I received a call that the culprits to this heinous crime are in the police net. They ran out of luck in their attempt of killing their next victim. This is how this syndicates operate. First they access their victim by the properties the person own, ie land, building, expensive cars etc. Then approach the person with an offer that someone who is serious distress (maybe illness or financial misfortune ) wants to sale his land or property at a give away rate.

The unsuspecting victim is lured to a booby trap of meeting this “supposedly distressed big man”one on one in his family house. On getting there, one sees a typical family setting, with staffs, chauffeurs and children running around, and is politely ushered into the sitting room. At this point the entire setting change as the children and the madam of the house will excuse themselves leaving the visitor with the man to discuss business.

Then within a twinkle of an eye, the scene assume a Nollywood status as hefty men heavily armed appear from inside and force their “prey” to sign cheques for them(of course remember the innocent victim must’ve come with a cheque book so he can quickly acquire the property before someone’s else does,and they’re smart enough to confirm the amount in the accounts from the victim’s phone) or the person sign an agreement disposing his own property for a fee to a new owner with witnesses from both sides. This later option was the case of my friend. After which the person is killed silently and the body disposed of in an isolated place.

God showed these devils that He remains supreme when they lured their next victim last Tuesday into their den, forced the man to sign several cheques whose total I don’t know. Some of the cartel guy were off to the banks, and another to buy rope with which to strangle him.

Meanwhile the man was bound in chains to the chair he was sitting, leaving him only with master of the gang. Fortunately, the gang leader left to maybe to get himself a drink in the kitchen, the man inspired by God was able to move to the door (the only one in that room) snapped the automatic lock on and pushed himself to the window and shouted “Kidnappers”. Police were alerted and these guys rounded up.

I thank God Almighty that answered the prayers of his family and friends that the perpetrators of this crime should not go unpunished, as they have left his young wife a widow and his two boys(the eldest about 10yrs) fatherless. Items recovered from these people include guns, bullets, handcuffs etc.

They have made confessions to the killing of my friend and that he sold his house at Duroumi to the gang leader at $250,000.

Please we should be careful of the kind of place we go to meet people, and perhaps not to go alone. They may have been arrested, but we don’t know how many of these vermin has been spewed into the streets and cities of this country…


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