How to recognize HIV symptoms at early stages

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Most people usually fail to recognise HIV symptoms at an incubation stage due to lack of knowledge about it.

At times, identifying the symptoms can be problematic especially when you are clueless. In most instances, some of these symptoms correlate with different maladies. For instance, fever is often associated with different diseases.

Fundamentally, Kenyans need to familiarize themselves with the ways of recognising HIV symptoms.

First and foremost, check whether you are experiencing acute fatigue with no explainable cause. You might be exhausted due to strenuous exercises.

However, at times, you might experience the condition without performing any exercise. In most cases, tiredness comes with sleepiness. If the condition persists, kindly make an appointment of visiting a VCT

Determine if you are experiencing excessive night sweats or fever.

This can also be an evident indication that something is wrong in your body. Apparently, HIV virus might be taking a toll on your body.

Check for swollen glands in the neck, armpits or groin.

These are unapparent signs however, you can just check for the sake of confirming your health status. If you have noted them, then don’t hesitate but rather see a doctor for a test.

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