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See Husband and Wife Fighting on the Street While their Children and People Watched

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Husband and Wife Fighting on the Street While their Children and People Watched
Husband and Wife Fighting

Husband and Wife Fighting becomes the entertainment of the day.

In what seemed to be a normal household problem, turned to a situation of husband and wife exchanging serious blows publicly.

The fight was so intense that people gathered to watch them.

The couple vigorously exchanged blows on each other. The fracas was witnessed by everyone in their neighborhood.

The people that gathered didn’t even bother to separate them from the fight.

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One can say that people somewhat enjoyed the heating dispute between this couple. Also, what caught the attention of many of them was that, the tables of nature were turned in which instead of the Man to have the upper hand, the woman was beating the living daylights out of the husband.

“The woman is quite strong!” , one of the onlookers said.

Well, many Nigerians have condemned the couple for publicly disgracing and embarrassing themselves, their children and family as a whole in public.

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