Shocking Reason Why 14 years Old Girl Hanged Her Son to Die

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Shocking Reason Why 14 years Old Girl Hanged Her Son to Die

A 14 years old girl allegedly hanged her one year old son because she wanted to stay out with her friends.

The teenager, Arisa Udsanee, had left the baby with her parents who were angry when she returned home late in Bueng Kan, northeast Thailand.

She reportedly took the infant, Thanapat Udsanee, to the home of a neighbour, Charinthip Nuengsit, 21, and asked for a place to stay.

She was allowed to stay in a cabin at the back yard.

Later that night a motorcycle came to the cabin to pick her up.

However, on Wednesday morning Charinthip checked the cabin and found a dead baby hidden under a pram.

Officers later arrested the boy’s mother and made her carry out a crime reconstruction, using a Winnie The Pooh bear to show how she allegedly hung the boy and then concealed the body.

Arisa allegedly admitted killing her son as she was angry at her own parents for scolding her for staying out late.

She said she resented the infant for preventing her from spending time with her own friends.

Shocking Reason Why 14 years Old Girl Hanged Her Son to Die

She said: “I rode my father-in-law’s motorcycle out to see my friends and stay with them for three days. I left the boy at home with my mother and father.

“After I came back, my father was angry and slapped me. It hurt my feelings so I took my boy out to stay at the neighbour’s cabin.

“I spent two hours crying and thinking about what I should do with my life and my son’s life and came to a conclusion that I should end his life.

“I hid the body under the pram and called my friend to pick me up and run away. Then when I went back to see the body I was arrested.” The 14 years old girl said

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Arisa’s devastated mother Penprapha Prakarapang, 40, said her daughter always went out without coming back for several days but this time it had caused the family a problem.

She said: “My daughter always goes out for several days and spends time with her friends while leaving her son at home with us.

“The reason we were upset this time was that she took my husband’s motorcycle for three days and he couldn’t go to work.

“I understand that she wanted to live her life like a normal teenager but murdering her son for that it is unforgivable.”

Police Major Chanchai Poolonkaew said her crime was serious and she must be punished.

He said: “The girl murdered her son so she will have to spend time in prison for 15 to 20 years.

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