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With the arrival of the new year, the conditions are ready to receive technological innovations that have been developed in recent times and that could implode this 2019. For this reason we prepared a list of the 6 technological trends of 2019 .

The world seems to be on the threshold of a technological revolution . The growth of technology in the last two decades has been prominent, and has penetrated worldwide.

Nowadays, almost nobody can imagine living in a world without internet, cell phones and its many advantages, such as the digital administration of bank accounts, remote and immediate communication, unlimited access to information and stop counting. However, a new stage seems to be coming.

There is talk of technologies that could completely change the way society works. Those predictions in science fiction films that looked so far away, are getting closer and closer. And the best part is that the amount of benefits that could be generated is still unknown. At No Fluff Tech you will find all types of gadgets and its reviews.

For these reasons, we review the 6 most important technological trends of 2019 worldwide.

Autonomous Devices

This term groups all the technological devices that can be used independently . Until now, the human being is a fundamental piece for technology to work. That is, the role of man is that of an operator that makes technology respond. However, autonomous devices arrive to change this reality.

Among the 6 technological trends of 2019 could not miss this concept Why? It includes vehicles with the ability to drive alone, robots, drones and an infinity of devices that will reduce the work of man and facilitate many processes in the work culture.

Unquestionably autonomous devices will reflect a particular interest in 2019. The development of these technologies will produce an immediate benefit for the human being. In addition, they will quickly become mass consumption goods that will contribute to the economic development of the regions and to a new era of competitiveness among the main companies that manufacture them.


Even though it sounds like something far away, this technology is already a reality. Just look at the progress of Tesla vehicles , equipped with an automatic pilot to drive in certain spaces and park the car perfectly.

Augmented Analytics

Understanding and interpreting large amounts of data will define many of the digital practices in the future. This is what “augmented analytics” refers to, the reading of data thanks to the automatic learning of technology or ‘machine learning’ , which is combined with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to take advantage of all the potential available in the information to big scale.

Through this technology, you can recognize patterns and trends in the data in an automated way. Companies can use this strategy to improve their processes. This would affect areas such as Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and even Customer Service .

The optimization of data in all its scales can facilitate the decision making based on the information provided by the augmented analytics.

Currently, the interpretation of data is performed by a team of experts who are responsible for studying large amounts of information and detect patterns or trends that help the employer to determine the effectiveness of their processes. Increased analytics would automate that process and provide small and medium-sized companies with an opportunity to improve their practices and compete against market giants.

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Developments With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will play a key role in the list of 6 technological trends of 2019. It could be said that all practices will involve this development at least partially.

One of the main utilities that this field will provide, according to Gartner, will be a new development scheme in which AI developers will provide other co-developers with the necessary algorithms, languages ​​and models so that they can modify it according to their needs . That is, instead of making an artificial intelligence to meet specific needs, they will start making tools so that another can give shape to an artificial intelligence.

In this way, the uses of AI will increase and its scope will multiply . The automation of functions related to data science and testing functions will increase the speed of development of this technology.

Once the scope of Artificial Intelligence is multiplied, it will penetrate into all possible fields . With its potential, you can improve many processes and reduce manual jobs to save time, reduce errors and increase the quality of work.

Digital Cufflinks

Progressively more frequently, companies adopt the benefits offered by the “digital gemelos”, also known as ‘Digital Twins’.

This technological innovation consists in the creation of a digital “clone” to any existing object in the physical plane . By digitizing a real artifact it is possible to analyze its components and operation through a computer.

By supplying sufficient data to the digital twin, precise simulations can be created that can determine their behavior under specific situations and analyze all possible variables to gather even more information.

For example, a vehicle could have its digital counterpart. If you enter a sufficient amount of information, you could analyze how that car behaves in situations of extreme heat or cold, or complicated terrain.

In addition, it makes it easy to see all the components of the object in question. That is to say, it would allow to study in detail and freedom very tiny pieces that lie inside the physical artifact.

A next step of this technology is achieved when combined with Artificial Intelligence. It also includes the ‘Big Data’ and the functionality of the ‘Internet of Things’. Through the interaction of all these concepts, a digital twin loaded with information can begin to interact with other digital platforms to give each other feedback and get even more data . It would be the ideal scenario of the so-called ‘Industry 4.0’ .

Edge Computing

As an evolution of the cloud, the Edge Computing or the Enhanced Computing will be established as one of the 6 technological trends of 2019 with greater importance and use.

The proposal of edge computing is to take advantage of the digital interconnection present today thanks to cloud technology and optimize its operation.

This system works with the implementation of an intermediate platform that links the server where the data is hosted and the devices of the users .

In this way, it aims to improve response times , usually slow due to the time it takes for the information to be downloaded from the server to the device.

The application of these platforms will allow a faster data transfer. In addition, it will reduce network traffic . However, later it is expected that its use will be enhanced and work with all the interconnected objects in a network, allowing a better functioning of the internet of things.

Immersive Experiences

The interaction between the real world and the digital world increases. It has already been mentioned among the 6 digital trends of 2019 to edge computing, however the bulk of the other applications will also have their place this year.

Increasingly, people have an approach to technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality . It is about several branches of the same concept that can have multiple uses.

The field of video games is the one that has advanced the most in this field. Virtual reality has been the basis of several devices that allow the player to be immersed in the game world and live the experiences from within. Augmented reality, on the other hand, was experienced with the phenomenon that triggered Pokémon GO, by introducing digital elements into the real world, which can be visualized through devices such as cell phones. Finally, the mixed reality is the least explored concept, which allows to experience interactive planes in both the physical and the digital world, at the same time.

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