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Spiritual Meaning Of Lizard In The Dream

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Spiritual Meaning Of Lizard In The Dream.

Meaning Of Lizard In The Dream Catching a lizard might be so strenuous for others, but for some people, just throwing stones at them has caused a serious outcome. 

If you successfully catch a lizard in your dream, such a dream indicates what the Bible says in Job 5:12, He disappointeth the devices of the crafty so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.” But if you try and your efforts did not catch the lizard, then it means your enemies are stronger than you.

Such a dream prepares you to pray. Perhaps, the only hindrance behind your failure to catch the lizard could be sin, deal with it immediately. By nature, some lizards are territorial, while others can easily live with dozens of other lizards of many different species.

If you dream of a lizard, it means that some troubles are going to surround you soon. This dream can manifest as a form of misunderstanding with another person. You must keep your eyes open to see the behaviors of others around you, especially women.

There may be someone who is trying to put you down in the crowd. Though this person may not be your enemy but a friend, who is not very happy with your success or the good step that you are taking towards your goals.

It also a sign that you are powerless in the spirit, a zeal to pray but not hard enough on them. If you see a lizard on your head, hands, or even legs, it is a red alert!  If a deliverance church is closer to you run there immediately because it means you are now belonging to witchcraft agents. To see a single big lizard in your dream signifies a particular strongman who is responsible for your problems.

There is an evil attachment between you and the spirit of the lizard. That’s why you keep having long and tough challenges that are not ready to bow to the force of your prayers. A lizard is cold-blooded because they regulate body temperatures by external metabolism. As mysterious as the lizard is in life when they appear in your dream, it can form spiritual battles. That’s why you have been fighting, working, but nothing result to show for it. Thus, your dream may also be that you are harbouring a feeling that you are tied down in the spirit realm, and that there is a way to break out from this negative feeling, is through by pleading the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

If you see lots of lizards is a sign or warning of people that are going to take advantage of you. If you see multiple lizards in a house compound, this can indicate a revelation that there are powers waging war against your destiny.

However, feeling threatened or unsafe in your waking life can bring the dream of lizards to play. This emotion can manifest in your dream as a means to give you an impression that your prayers cannot be answered. 

When you look at the lizard eye to eye, you may not understand what the symbol meant in the first place, but it is a sign of warning. In some cases, if many lizards are chasing or pursuing you, it means that the enemies are working hard to demote, frustrate and destroy you before you get to your promised land.

If you dream of petting a lizard, it means that either you are going to be friends with one of your enemies, or you already know which enemy is under the disguise of a friend. This is a warning that a person with bad intentions is conspiring against you, and he should be careful. If you dream of a lizard biting you, one of your enemies is going to defeat you terribly.

This also means that you will experience mysterious features around you. When a lizard bites you, for instance, you must take urgent efforts to go for deliverance.



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