Teenage girl who got impregnated at age 13 resumes school


video of a teenage girl and her son going to school have melted many hearts on social media. According to reports, the girl had given birth to the little boy when she was just 13.

She was rescued by a Danish humanitarian, Ango Ringgren Lovén Danish humanitarian currently living in Nigeria, Ango Ringgren Lovén, is making impact in Nigeria as she continues to rescue helpless children abandoned by their family. Recall a while ago, she made headlines for rescuing a boy who was declared a witch by his family.

Well, this time around she is currently making waves on social media after she shared a video of a teenage girl identified as Ekemini, and her son walking to school.

According to the story she posted on Facebook, the girl had gotten pregnant at 13 and was rescued by Lovén.
She wrote: “When we rescued Ekemini she was 13 years old and pregnant. I cannot go into details about the stories of our children but I’m sure you can imagine how pathetic a story Ekemini came with being pregnant at age 13 !

kemini had a cesarean a few months after the rescue. Our nurse Rose, our Director of Child Development Orok, our Education Officer Don and David Emmanuel Umem was with her. I was there with her through Skype from Denmark We were all so happy to welcome Abasiofon to the world.

Only one day after the cesarean Ekemini stood out of bed ! She was so strong and NEVER complained about anything. Ekemini is one of the strongest girls I have ever met in my life. To become a mother at the age of 13 is not easy and Ekemini had a lot to learn. Lucky for her she was surrounded by the best staff in the world.

Our staff have been guiding her to become a loving and caring mother When Abasiofon was 1 year old Ekemini started school. And not long ago Abasiofon started nursery school. I just love to see mother and son hand in hand walking to school.

Then I know we are making a difference. Children are our future. And all children in the world has the right to quality education ” Lovén who has been in Nigeria for a while, carrying out humanitarian services in Akwa Ibom, has caused great positive impacts in the lives of many children who prior to her arrival, were living on the streets and tagged as evil beings. Amazing isn’t it?


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