1 thought on “The Real Meaning Of The Dark Spot On Muslim Foreheads (The Untold Truth)

  1. The mark on the foreheads of muslims is the true mark of the beast. The ALPHA & OMEGA JESUS CHRIST isn’t concerned how we access our bank accounts, he wants to know where our hearts are when it comes to worship.

    (ADAMIC = WHITE & RUDDY) MOSES was an ANGLO-SAXON descendant of (ADAMIC = WHITE & RUDDY) ISAAC, father of the ANGLO-SAXONS.

    Pure evil lurks in the quran when out of 114 chapters there are exactly 6666 words! The religion of islam, is purely lies, & purely evil.

    Little stray dog muhammad’s name is mentioned only an embarrassing 4 times in the quran, his own holy book compared to the KING of kings JESUS is mentioned an amazing 25 times! Isn’t blah blah blah allah a powerful enough moon god that he could have his own pitiful prophet muhammad mentioned more than the ANGLO-SAXON descendant of ISAAC? Obviously not.

    The only WOMAN’S name mentioned in the entire quran is Mariam (Mary) the MOTHER of JESUS, GOD the FATHER in the flesh.

    The quran says the “Word of God,” the “Spirit of God,” is JESUS CHRIST. The quran tells a story of when JESUS was two days old that JESUS made a bird out of mud and blew the “BREATH OF LIFE” into the bird. The quran tells the story of when JESUS healed the blind man, and when JESUS healed a man of leprosy, and JESUS raised a man from the dead, and JESUS beat death, hell, & the grave and HE HIMSELF, with HIS OWN WILL, ascended to Heaven because JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE FOREVERMORE.

    By the way, where is blah blah blah allah the powerful moon gods prophet? I will tell you. He’s dead in the ground. He will not be raised up at the HARPAZO.

    In the HOLY BIBLE JESUS said I’M going to prepare a place in HEAVEN, on the other side of the firmament of the flat earth disk (ISAIAS 40:22) (ISV) for the ADAMIC SONS & DAUGHTERS
    of ISAAC, the ANGLO-SAXONS. Be sure not to forget muhammed is not there, and not one muslim is there either.

    So, the quran itself says JESUS CHRIST is the “Word of God,” and the “Spirit of God.” The quran says nothing about Muhammad being the Word of God. The quran says nothing about muhammad giving life to a bird out of the mud. The quran doesn’t say muhammad having the “BREATH OF LIFE.” The quran says nothing about muhammad healing a blind man. The quran says nothing about muhammad healing a man of leprosy. The quran says nothing about muhammad raising the dead. The quran says muhammad isn’t coming back because muhammad is dead.

    muhammad is much weaker than JESUS. muhammad is so far below JESUS, muhammad is like female dog who lies under a man. JESUS has more Authority and Respect than muhammad and blah blah blah allah have combined in their own holy book.

    Arab speaking Mullahs/Imams/Ulemas/Muftis/Muhaddiths/Shias/Mujaddids/Allahmahs all say that Creation comes by the “Word of God.” The quran says JESUS is the “Word of God.” If the quran says the “Word of God” is the “Creator God,” then JESUS is the “Creator God.” JESUS the CREATOR GOD can see without eyes. JESUS the CREATOR GOD can talk without a tongue. JESUS the CREATOR GOD can hear without ears. The quran says the “Creator God” is “ALL POWERFUL.” So, this means JESUS the “WORD OF GOD” who is JESUS the “CREATOR GOD,” can “have a SON without a wife because IT IS WRITTEN: (JOHN 1:-14) JESUS CHRIST is GOD the FATHER in the flesh.

    In conclusion, (quran 10:94) the muslim’s own holy book condemns them. muslims must become CHRISTIANS. The muslims have a very big problem. (MATTHEW 15:24) (AMP) “JESUS said, “I was commissioned by GOD and sent ONLY to the LOST SHEEP of the RACE of ISRAEL.” JESUS the MOST HIGH GOD stated HE LOVED ONLY THE ADAMIC WHITE ISRAELITES a staggering “201 TIMES.” THE BIBLE TEACHES WHITE SUPREMACY!

    A beast that’s not a human, that speaks, with a mark on his flat nose, with a mark on his right hand, with a mark on his forehead, is a niggar dog that bows his head to worship a fake, pretend god Pope Ven Pius Xll fabricated to control the Arabs.

    (JESAIAS 52:6) (FERRAR FENTON BIBLE) “Yet MY ISRAELITE RACE shall acknowledge MY POWER, on the day when I come, and exclaim, “HERE I AM.” JESUS the “WORD OF GOD” is JESUS the “CREATOR GOD!”

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