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I Dated Her For 8 Years, Took Care Of Her, Never Touched Her But After Her MSc, She Dumped Me

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I Dated Her For 8 Years, Took Care Of Her, Never Touched Her But After Her MSc, She Dumped Me

I Dated Her For 8 Years, Took Care Of Her, Never Touched Her But After Her MSc, She Dumped Me.

I was so close to tears when I stumbled upon this story. Each time I get to hear some ladies say, “men are scum”, I seldom keep quiet because I have loads of stories and experiences which when shared will not only silence them but may change their minds about the “men are scum phrase.” So, a friend visited my house days back, whilst gisting, he shared a story about a bosom friend of his, who almost committed suicide over the girl he dated.

We will use Mr. I because of the boyfriend and Ms. I because of the girlfriend. I will be able to try the maximum amount possible to chop the long story short.

According to him, Mr. I had been dating Ms. I since 2008, he was within the university then, 200 level to be precise, while she was about finishing lyceum . And like many young lovers, everything was good and going fine except the standard “childish mentality” from both parties in fact.

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Things kept blossoming, everything soft and nice. She got into the university, a personal Nigerian university, fortunately for Mr. I, it wasn’t one among those universities where phones weren’t allowed, in order that they kept communicating and actually , since the connection gradually started maturing, their love kept shinning bright sort of a diamond.. So bright that other male chyker’s couldn’t approach Ms. I because almost everyone in campus knew she was “bae-gaged.” Yes, she was that pleased with her bae then.

Mr. I never missed the chance of leaving his university to go to her every weekend, notwithstanding the space .. Oh, I forgot to inform you, he schooled in distant East, while she schooled within the West. and therefore the journey from his university to hers took him 7-8 hours by road and in fact , he always used road except extreme cases where he decided to use flight.

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Not only did he risk his life plying bad roads every weekend just to ascertain bae, he also made sure he got stuffs for her, food stuffs and sometimes money (He took it upon himself to bring provisions and money two weekends out of 4 , monthly). Indeed, bae was balling, no wonder she was so bae-gaged!

And whenever they were on break, back to their respective homes (fortunately they both lived in Lagos), he was together with her almost every other day. In fact, both parents knew they were dating. Yes, and that they both approved of it. Indeed, Mr. i used to be happy, he had the acceptance of bae’s relations and in fact , the guts of bae (So he thought).

A couple of times, when bae resumed a replacement semester and Mr. i used to be still home, boss-man will take it upon himself to fuel his car and drive his woman to her uni, not only that, sometimes took provisions to bae’s siblings’ schools too. Mr. i used to be crazy , so he just wanted to form her relations love him more.. Every guy who has truly loved, will know this sense ..

“Mans” was usually broke in class due to bae, you know, bae schooled during a private university and lifestyle was costlier there. Of course, to please bae and make her family know he was man enough, Mr. I usually soaked garri in his hostel whilst he sent the food stuffs given to him by his parents to his girl.. Love nwantiti right?

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Fast forward to his graduation, he got employment which wasn’t well-paying like that, but always made sure 50% of his salary visited bae’s account. Yes an entire 50%.. (It was at now I literally started tearing up. A tear dropped from my eye and that i am certain my friend saw this. If only he knew that i used to be tearing up because i could not really fathom how “mans” was so crazy that he forgot there’s a difference between a girlfriend and a wife). Worst still is, he hadn’t even engaged her yet! Oh my gosh!!!!

Well, love was still there (so he thought). during the years of dating, spending, killing himself to please she and her family, he never for once had any s*xual intercourse together with her . Never for once, because she claimed to be a virgin. the simplest he ever got was a kiss.. A kiss bruh!

Fast forward to when she graduated from university, Mr. I threw an enormous party for her. Hosted over 30 people (friends and family). Spent on the brink of N650K on the bash (Unbeknownst to his siblings, he borrowed an enormous sum of cash from his friends so on make the party an enormous success)… And an enormous one it had been (At now I started thinking, If only he had engaged her at the bash he threw for her, maybe things would have clothed differently)… Well, who knows, right?

Months after she graduated, he lost favour from his employers, so he was sacked. Things dwindled from his end so his usual 50% to his bae, stopped. 3 months after he lost his job, bae informed him she was getting to study abroad, going for her masters’ program in Russia. (Funny thing is, she never told him when she even applied nor got accepted). Well, she apologised, he forgave and that they were still chilling.

Weeks later, it had been time for her to travel, he dropped her off at the airport, they did the standard (kissed and bid themselves goodbyes right ahead of her fam.. Yes, they were that close you know!).

Chatting, skyping, doing all kind of things, of these lasted for 3 to 4 months of her stay in Russia. Things became bad afterwards, communication not only dwindled but it dissolved, “mans” was not getting attention, “mans” was confused yet still getting to bae’s house to assist call at one or two errands for fam.

To cut the long story short….. Few weeks before she was through with her programme, she sent a text, which read, “We cannot be together anymore, i’m sorry.” …. That was all, 8 years and that is all she sent. No explanation on why she wanted to call quits. (Cold right?)

Mr. I lost it at now , became severely depressed, in fact, he was almost going insane. He had to get on drugs. Severally tried suicide but luckily for him, his younger brother came to the rescue. He was eventually admitted in Lagoon for five weeks. This was the amount bae came back. Bad thing is, she didn’t even bother informing him she was returning and worst thing is, when she eventually heard he was hospitalised, she didn’t step her foot in Lagoon hospital.. A cruel world right?

Right as we speak, Mr. I has been in and out of hospital, browsing one or two crisis. He lost touch with reality and have become a shadow of himself, whereas Ms. I hasn’t bothered seeing him since she came back to Nigeria and actually , is claimed to possess wedded in April 2018.

Love may be a beautiful thing only and when it’s true and mutual so children of the planet , love together with your heart, but use your brain!



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