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The Truth Behind Perruzi’s Scandal with Chioma

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The Truth Behind Perruzi's Scandal with Chioma

The Truth Behind Perruzi’s Scandal with Chioma.

If you don’t understand what is allegedly going on between Chioma , Perruzi and Davido , I will break it down.

The former Producer to Perruzi before he met Davido, “King Patrict” is asking for his money owed him by Perruzi . He said Davido stole his investment ( Perruzi) and asked for payment because most of the songs Davido released as hits, were all produced in his studio by Perruzzi and recorded before Davido signed him .

Davido got angry and called him out, rained insult on the guy . The man got more angrier released the recorded song that he produced before Davido sang it, to show he wasn’t lying .


Davido became more incensed and shaded the guy with cursed words , he returned the shade alleged that Chioma and Peruzzi were lovers . That Perruzi passed Chioma over to Davido lying that they were just friends while they were lovers, before Davido went in and fell in love .

Resently, Davido unfollowed Chioma and she did the same . Hours later , they followed back .

Someone dug up Madam Kemi story about this issue last year on Twitter that no one believed then , where Special Spech , Davido’s friend, dm Kemi with the matter , confirming it and some other stuffs he alleged Chioma was into .

This is where we are right now about Perruzi’s Scandal with Chioma…

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