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What you Need to Start a Business is not Money, but the Will – Abel Wealth

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What you Need to Start a Business is not Money, but the Will – Abel Wealth

To start a business you don’t need money – Abel Wealth.

I started my first blog with just a laptop computer and mobile phone. My phone was what I used in connecting my laptop to the internet. This technique is called tethering and portable hotspots.

It is a feature enabled on most Android phones and tablets.

The function of tethering and portable hotspots on mobile phones enables wireless connection on your computer. It serves as a modern and can be used to provide internet access to about 5 computers.


I know what’s on your mind right now….

You’re probably thinking, why I told this story which doesn’t connect with the topic of this article. No worries we’ll hit the nail soon.

This short illustration serves as a motivation for those in business who are reluctant to start with what they have. We all know time waits for nobody.

Each minute that passes can never be gotten back, time management is as important as life itself. I realized this early, so I never allowed finance hinder me from achieving my dreams of becoming a successful blogger.

There’s never a right time to do something. Assuming I waited for finance to buy a modem which cost approximately $50 at that time, just maybe you won’t be reading this post.

I’ve learnt something while growing up, “use what you have at the moment to achieve what you can”, in other word “start small and grow big.”

This principle will help you. So each time circumstances tell you to wait until you have it all, remember what you read here.

There is another short story I wish to share with you.

 A good friend of mine Jacob wanted to start up a laundry business.

He had a shop already, but his challenge was the capital to buy a washing machine, an Iron and other equipment to start the business. So he waited.

Abel Wealth Diary

I called my friend one Sunday evening, sat him down and advised him to start with what he had. I offered to give him my Iron so he can just start the laundry business until he saves enough money to buy one for the business.

I’m really passionate about young entrepreneurs, so I don’t mind giving out my personal belongings.

Entrepreneurship is the brain box on which a Country’s economy flourishes. Maybe I’ll write on this someday.

My friend refused my kind gesture; apparently, he wanted a classic laundry with Air Conditioner, good environment and …


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