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Start Small and Grow Big In Business – Abel Wealth

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Start Small and Grow Big In Business – Abel Wealth

Start Small and Grow Big In Business.

Imagine an infant baby who just came out of his mother’s womb and saw the light of this world, how fragile, small, tender and vulnerable he looks.

The same infant now grows up to become a man with broad shoulders, deep voice, and masculine figure drawing preying eyes from the females. He is now a man; it’s the reality of life…

One of the greatest mistake folks make is to look down on little beginnings, forgetting that life is a phase, and in all phases changes are inevitable.  Just the same way we grow older is the same way our thoughts, ideas, business and riches should also increase.

I have always learned not to despise an ambitious man, a man with so many ideas, dreams, motivation, positive energy and aspiration.

“A wise man with a bank full of ideas, is better than a rich fool.”  

This article is dedicated to all the young vibrant entrepreneurs and potential business moguls out there.

When I embarked on my dream of becoming a successful blogger, I had all manner of obstacles, fist I faced the greatest dream killer ‘procrastination’. Also there was the problem of criticism both from peer groups who thought they were better than me. (Refer to my article on procrastination)

Yet in all my advisory this phrase kept me going, “start small and grow big big in business”, so I pushed on and overcame all obstacles.

You must realize that any project, dream(s) or aspiration without challenges is not worthwhile.  It is the challenges, huddles, setbacks that makes the story worth telling.

The principle of “starting small and growing big” was so widely used by large business empires and big names to reckon with including the world richest man Bill Gates. I still refer to him as the world richest even though statistics has it that his ranking dropped recently.

Considering his attitude of giving to humanity and all the foundations he donates to, I’m sure if those presumed to be richer than him were donating a quarter of what he donates, they wouldn’t be ranking in hierarchy.

Moving on I will be sharing five (5) Principles on how to, “Start Small and Grow Big in Business.

  1. Start with what you have

You must realize that before your conceive any business idea or plan, there is something already on ground for you to start with. Assuming your business idea is to start a laundry just as in the case of my friend Jacob, recall I shared his story earlier when I wrote on You Don’t Need Money to Start a Business, You Need the Will”, here I wrote on his challenges in starting a laundry business.

The first thing people think of when a business plan comes to mind is finance. Yes finance is paramount, yet there are businesses you can start with what you have, just like laundry for example.


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