14 Sins You Should Never Commit in A Relationship

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14 Sins You Should Never Commit in A Relationship.

Hi guys, it’s been a while I dropped something here, I had to pause for some time to handle personal stuff, you know what I mean, haha, don’t ask me.

So I decided to put out something different this time, not the usual gossip content, but a more interesting topic about relationships. I love writing about this topic, I believe life as a whole centres on it, not necessarily romantic relationships, but also your relationship with other people.

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I have penned down 14 things you should never do in a relationship, and the points are targeted both at the females and the males. There are certain things you shouldn’t do if you want your relationship to last long and maybe lead to marriage.

While this article is meant for the singles, the married ones can also tap from the richness of this post to further enhance their relationship. The points are mixed, but as we begin to expatiate, you’ll be able to decide which one applies to you.

Let’s proceed…

What are the 14 Sins You Should Never Commit in A Relationship?

1. Making of Sex Tapes

Over time making sex tapes has become a norm in relationships, Kim Kardashian became famous after leaking her sex tape, no doubt that was her cheap way of becoming famous, and it was a planned deal. Sex tapes are very dangerous in relationships and ladies are always the ones vulnerable when it goes soar.

Recall recently, a Babcock university student was expelled after her sex tape leaked online. Her image was tarnished, her career destroyed by one minute fun.

It is very disastrous to make sex tapes. Your partner may use it against you sometime in the future. You never know what you might become in the future, you could become the President of the United States and boom, something you did years suddenly pop up to destroy your career.

I have heard about so many blackmails as a result of sex tape set-up, so I always tell youngsters to decrease from this unhealthy practice. If you must do a sex tape, which I think is unnecessary, then make sure it’s deleted immediately the both of you finished watching it.

Don’t ever keep it in your phone or laptop, it may not be your partner that’ll use it against you, it might someone else who you’ll never suspect.

This is very important!

2. Saying I Love You Too Early

Many lovers abase these words “I Love You”, some have turned it to a normal daily routine without knowing the power and consequences attached to this phrase.

Most young lovers don’t know the meaning of love; in fact, many guys only say it just to get in between the legs of ladies. There is so much power in that word “LOVE”, the power of life and death is in that word. Romeo died because of love, also in Titanic, Jack died because of love, so if you are not sure, then don’t say it.

Love doesn’t just happen, it’s a feeling that develops with time, so you can’t just see a girl or a guy for the first time, or a couple of times and conclude that you love that person. You must feel it inside; it must show in your eyes, your expression, love doesn’t lie.

In this part of the world, couples are too first in declaring their love, almost all ladies blush when you tell them “I LOVE YOU.” It’s natural, but let me ask you this question, as a lady how do you know when a guy loves you?

It’s a billion-dollar question, I’ll leave you to answer it in your mind…

3. Cooking and Washing His Cloths

Another mistake ladies make is to cook and wash the clothes of their boyfriend, to them, it shows they are homely or should I say well brought up. This is wrong; you should always have it at the back of your mind that not all relationships end up in marriage.

That guy you are washing his clothes and cleaning his house might leave you for another girl one day. Doing house chores doesn’t make you wife material. To be frank; a man might disrespect you when you go down too low. Remember you are not expected to be loyal to any man except he’s your husband. If he wants your total loyalty and submission, then let him go and pay your bride price.

Let me tell you a short story about Ada.

Ada is a wonderful woman from a humble background, and she’s 28 years old, a wife material to the core. Ada made a silly mistake of moving in with her boyfriend Rotimi before marriage.

The first two weeks she moved in was sweet, they were so in love that people thought they were married, and then something happened.

Rotimi started keeping late nights and Ada wasn’t comfortable with it, she has talked and pleaded with him, but he refused to adjust. On one occasion he was drunk and came back late, she confronted him, and he beat her up mercilessly.

She didn’t give up, she continued to stay with him hoping that things will change; she did everything in the house, from the washing of his clothes to cooking and taking care of the house.

This continued for months, and she couldn’t take it anymore, she had to go for counseling. Her pastor advised her to move out of the house first, that no matter how much pleading Rotimi does she should never agree to move back in except he goes to see her people and perform her marriage rights.

She did as he said.

One week passed, Rotimi didn’t call, two weeks, he didn’t call, she was afraid he has moved on. Then the third week Rotimi called her and ask for forgiveness and pleaded with her to move back in, but Ada bluntly refused, just as instructed by the pastor.

Rotimi was shocked, was it the Ada he knew, someone that always falls at his feet at any slight provocation.

After some time he pleaded with her to come, so they can discuss, she did and the outcome of the discussion was that he must marry her first before she can move in with him.

Did he marry her?

Yes, yes, he married her and from that moment he knew her value.

The point I’m trying to establish here is that a man will not value you if he gets the entire full package from you. It’s good to help him wash and cook some times, but don’t do it all the time. Don’t make him feel like it’s his right. Let him marry you first!

4. Don’t Ever Share Your Relationship on the Internet

We all know that virtually everything we do now is internet-based. The internet has the power to create love and it also has the power to break love. I have seen several couples who met on the internet, fell in love, got married, and lived happily afterwards. I have also seen how the internet destroyed marriages, several times.

The mistake most lovers make is taking their relationship public, and sharing every fun moment and lovely photos of their relationship. It’s more common with the ladies, especially if the guy she’s dating is rich or from a wealthy family.

This is very wrong, you don’t know who likes you and who doesn’t, sharing every photo of your outing, dinner, fun moments with your friends on Facebook and Instagram only makes you vulnerable. It puts you in great danger.

Relationships should be secret, it’s your personal life and it’s not everyone that should be allowed in.

5. Don’t Check Each Other’s Phone

This is more common with the ladies; some have turn checking of their boyfriend’s phone for messages a hobby. This is wrong, checking your partner’s phone is a bad habit, it brings the impression that you don’t trust that person, or you are insecure.

You should be secure enough to know that if your man is cheating then he’s not right for you, you deserve better.

For all the guys who like acting like a detective, you’ll only wound yourself when you check your girlfriend’s messages because for sure there will be love messages from admirers. See ladies love it when guys flock around them, that’s just the simple truth, so mature up and be a man.

6. Showing Her Your Intentions for Marriage

This is another big mistake. Sending a clear message to her that you plan to marry her only puts you in harm’s way. I know you’ll ask me how, let me tell you, any girl that knows you want to marry her will put up her best beheavour just so you can marry her. She wouldn’t want to show you her other side.

Brother the day you marry her then you’ll begin to see her true nature. I have seen a marriage that lasted for only two days.

Why? Because the couple didn’t take time to know each other. From the beginning of the relationship, they both knew they’ll get married.

Marriage has to be based on love, there’s nothing like “after we are married we’ll fall in love”, making your intentions known is like an arranged marriage.

7. Discussing Your Engagement Before Giving Her the Ring

This mistake is similar to the previous one; I’m not in that school of thoughts that advocates discussing engagement before giving her the ring.

Just take her to the cozy place, tell her to close her eyes, bring out your ring and pop-out the question “will you marry me?” as simple as that.

Any girl who wants to marry you won’t care where you proposed to her, or the manner at which you did, they’ll see past that.

Engagement is meant to be a surprise like she’s not supposed to see it coming; it should be a moment she’s live to remember, so discussing it kind-of take the whole essence and fun away.

8. Never Disclose Your Bank Account Details to your partner before marriage

I have a friend who knows the details of all his girlfriend’s accounts like he practically keeps the ATM card for her and any withdrawal she makes must come through him.

I mean who does that at this jet age? Giving him or her details of your account doesn’t prove love; this should only be done when you are married.

9. Don’t Show Her You Are Always Rich, Pretend to be Broke Sometimes

Men always want to be in control, so they’ll spend their last penny just to prove they are in charge. This is wrong if you make a woman believe that you’re always having what happens the day you don’t have?

It’s a big mistake most men make, to say the truth, a relationship should be all about giving and receiving from both sides, I mean the lady in question has to contribute sometimes. Not just sex, but also she should contribute financially at times.

So bro, even if you are always having, pretend not to have sometimes and let her do the spending. It’s another proof of true love.

10. Don’t Visit Her Parents Unless You have already proposed

Some ladies will be like, my parents want to know who I’m dating, bro if you are not ready to marry her, then what’s the point of going to see her parents?

Another wrong move, no matter how she pressurizes you, please don’t go to see her parents except you have given her an engagement ring and you are ready to marry her. No offense ladies, you know it’s the truth.

11. Don’t Ever Beat Her, Always Walk Away Even When She provokes you

Women are designed to provoke men, it’s just the way it is, I feel it’s the way God made it to prove you love her. If you truly love a woman, you’ll never lay your hands on her, not even a slap.

I frown at guys who beat up their girlfriend, I mean how can you say you love her and still beat her up? That’s madness.

No matter what she does, always learn to walk away, there are other ways to punish or deal with a woman other than beating her up. Maybe in my next post, I will write on 10 ways to punish a woman other than beating. Follow me to get this article

12. Don’t Deny Him of Sex, Let Him Taste

Yes I know this point will cause a serious problem, ladies don’t hate me after reading this point ok.

Alright I know you’ll say it’s wrong for you to give yourself to a man before marriage, but let me ask you this question “are you a virgin?” If the answer is yes, then keep your virginity for your husband. But if the answer is no, then why won’t you allow him to taste the engine he’s about to acquire?

I have seen marriages wreck because the woman refused sex before marriage, and when the man entered after marriage, it wasn’t what he expected. What he wanted was a Mercedes engine, but what he got was a Volvo engine, no offense.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for sex before marriage, but at the same time as a woman you should be able to read between the lines, “If you know, you know lol.”

13. Never Nag, Men Hate Women that Nag

Men hate a nagging woman, someone who is always complaining about everything. A nagging woman can lead her husband to his early grave, and most men cannot contain with a nagging wife or girlfriend.

Learn how to be contended with what your guy provides and help him out, that’s your function in a relationship. The truth is that men also get broke at times, I hope you understand.

14. Ask Him for Cash only When It is necessary

Some ladies are professionals in milking their boyfriend dry. Even when she’s buoyant, she’ll still want to take the little you have.

Let me tell you the truth, men like independent women, check it out, who’s marrying a full-time housewife these days. One of the criteria for marriage currently is that the woman must be working, so she can contribute to the marriage. It’s a lifetime thing so you have to be involved in every step and process.

Only ask your man for cash when it is necessary, it gives you an upper hand when he knows you only demand what you need not want.

Remember your position in the relationship, you are the helping hand, your words and advice should guide him to becoming the best version of him. If you love that man, then you won’t want his well to run dry

So also men don’t wait for your woman to ask before you give. Study her body language to know when she is in need.

I hope one or two lessons were learned from this post.

Feel free to add your contribution and comment.

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