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What kind of business never goes out of business?

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Apr 5, 2018 11:12 AM
Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer
7w ago
I’d like to go more in depth concerning that question. Picture above represents how fragile a business really is.

I don’t discredit the answers given by my contemporaries as they are right that business related to men need for women, food, doctors, lawyers, sex workers, etc, are fundamentals to a functioning society, especially in the context of capitalism, and basic human needs.
Where I would like to make a correction; my contemporaries have given exemples ofINDUSTRIES, that will never fail, as they cover fundamental parts of our being and our lifestyle.
Your question clearly says what kind of business never goes out of business.
We should make a distinction between anindustry as a whole and a business.
A business is a single entity that is subject to the market’s own wants and needs.
As we currently live in a transforming era, with a digital shift in every single industry, the “old world” is being eaten by the “new world”. Consider our current times as the 2nd industrial revolution. Look up this talk given in 2015 by Seth Godin.
It is true that some industries will always prevail but as far as a single business goes… it is subject to disruption at every single turn. NO BUSINESS, I REPEAT, NO BUSINESS IS TOO BIG TO FAIL.

Let me say it again… Industries prevail, butindividual entities fail.

Groceries have closed and many of them will in the future as the distribution of food is being disrupted by companies like Amazon just to name one.Doctors, Lawyers and Accountants are always in need, but we now have softwares that help small business for exemple to take charge of their own books without having to go through intense training.Sex workers will always exist, but it is not a sustainable lifestyle, and those women will end up suffering the consequences in many different ways (drug and alcohol abuse, rape, homelessness, difficulty reintegrating the workforce, etc.)
Business is a competitive sport and like sports, it takes a lot of training to stay on top of your game for a long period of time. No business or individual is immune to failure! Complacency kills businesses, especially with the current disruption happening in our market.
Expert Brand Strategist, CEO & Founder LAR Consulting Group
6w ago
The Undertaker |
Come rain, sleet, hail, snow, people die, everyday multiple times a day, and these folks need to be buried.
Given the average funeral cost upwards of $10,000 undertakers make a pretty good living, it really comes down to can you stomach the job, not everyone can. For a business to be successful, the people running it must have a passion for it, you can’t dread coming into work everyday, your career will indeed be short-lived.
However if you can stomach it, and you develop a brand and deliver consistently on quality of service, you will make a gjreat recession proof living.
The image above is from the HBO series SIX FEET UNDER which gave a very detailed glimpse into the daily life of running this sort of business.
Ester Vanek
Small Business Owner, Social Media Expert
4w ago
Before we put up a business, we all first think of what is unique, satisfies the needs of the target market, and most importantly, always profitable. Here are some recession-proof businesses that you can start on:
Accounting industry. Every business, whether big or small, definitely needs an accountant any time of the year so running an accounting or payroll service is definitely a hit even no matter what the state of the economy is.
Dental clinic. Startup costs and dental equipment is quite expensive if you’re going to put up a dental clinic. However, this profession has the benefit of handling numerous repeat clients.
Food truck. Let’s face it. Renting a physical store is quite costly. That’s why food truck is a great idea if you want to profit and convenience. Getting customers is also easier with a food truck because you can just hit the road and then park it in a place like parks, local events, or markets.
Amit Barwad
Team Leader – Design and Development at Equitron Medica (2016-present)
7w ago
If you’re having a good time, praise an invisible entity and thank him with offerings. High donations are like maintenance money you give to the building’s secretary to prolong the good condition.
If you’re having a bad time, dafuq did you do to piss the invisible! Damage control, boy! Offerings and rituals, duh! High donations are like bills of repair work you give to the mechanic to get your car running back again.
And do not ask how religion qualifies as business. Think about the total sum of money/things you have actually given to real people and institutions in hopes that part of it is reaching the invisible (smart!).
Lydia Stone
Full Time Mum and Affiliate Marketer earning $200 days
7w ago
Online affiliate marketing.
There is a huge volume of traffic on the internet, a lot of which is searching for things to buy!
You can tap into this by promoting products and making commissions from sales.
You will never, ever, go out of business doing this provided you know how to do it well. You will never be without earnings, or be worried about being laid off or going bankrupt.
To download free training videos on How to Sell Affiliate Products just go to the “Freebies” link in my bio.
All the best
Ini Patrick
Blogger | Business Consultant | Serial Entrepreneu
7w ago
There are a thousand and one businesses that remains evergreen regardless of the economy of the world.
It is pertinent to know that there are some basic life amenities that will also be needed by the people.
Without further ado, below is the list of 10 businesses that never go out of business.
Food related businessesAgro businessesClothingTransportation (fleet)Coaching and mentoringWaterFruitsDry cleaning and laundryMeat and fish processingCrèche and Nursery education
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