24 Pics We Won’t Understand No Matter How Hard We Try

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Reddit |  @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

The internet is pretty serious about enforcing reckless crimes against sanity lately. All it takes is one kiwi fruit on a pizza and suddenly half of Twitter is threatening to call the police on you.

But even the most ardent sense snitch knows that all the backup in the world won’t stop some nonsense. Sometimes, you just have to wave it through and hope nothing happens.

And that’s what I’ve done with these pics.

1. I am a great adorer of pepperoni, but I can’t picture this being all that comfortable on the road.

Like, if you don’t eat them, they’ll go bad. And even if you do eat them, you’ll still have to deal with sweaty pepperoni.

Reddit |  expertr

2. Apparently, this mascot is supposed to encourage the people of Cape Town to save water.

And honestly, it might actually work, but only as long as parents tell their kids that it’ll show up at night if they waste any.

Reddit |  TheBaldWonder

3. I know some mornings haven’t given me much time to get ready, but I’ve never seen a tired brain defy the laws of physics like this.

I get that they closed the button on the underwear and forgot to zip, but I’m otherwise totally stumped

Reddit |  Wanna_taco_bout_it_

4. I have no idea what possessed this group to do this to her, but at least she seems happy about it.

Although that may be because she wasn’t prepared for the second stage of the prank where they just left her like that.

Reddit |  thehappydwarf
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