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4 warning signs of kidney failure

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Kidneys are the organs which help you get rid of waste products and control blood pressure. Moreover this pair of organs support maintenance of the electrolyte balance and the production of the red blood cells.

These cleansing organs are situated in the lower abdomen on either side of your spine.
Your kidneys normally filter the blood and remove metabolic waste after digestion, intensive muscle work, the consumption of drugs etc. They also are the main organs, which control fluid balance and excrete excessive water through urine.
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Sometimes problems can occur causing the loss of kidney function. Failure can occur if blood supply to kidneys is reduced (after heavy bleeding or dehydration associated with diarrhea or vomiting etc.) or because of kidney tissue damage (sepsis, drugs intoxication, multiple myeloma etc.)
Another common cause of kidney failure is the blockage of urine outflow. This trouble can be as a result of kidney stones or tumor growth.
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In the majority of failure cases the kidneys have experienced previous long-term damage (chronic renal disease) which is usually caused by uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, polycystic kidney disease and kidney stones.
How can you actually recognize that your kidneys are not working properly? Here are the main symptoms you should be aware of:
#1. Urination problems – those who suffer from renal failure often complain of the increased urge to urinate or a decreased amount of urine. In addition to this, urination may become uncomfortable and painful.
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#2. Edema – kidney failure usually leads to fluid retention, that manifests in eyes puffiness and swollen legs. It’s worth saying that these symptoms are more noticeable in the morning.
#3. Urine changes – as your kidneys lose their ability to work properly you may notice changes in the color, shade or smell of your urine. Kidney dysfunction leads to the leakage of protein and red blood cells through the urine. As a result it gets foamy, bloody and cloudy.
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#4. Extreme fatigue – if your kidneys are damaged they can’t remove waste from the body as needed. Consequently toxins and harmful substances begin to build up inside your body, causing inexplicable tiredness and a lack of energy, which last for a long time and don’t go away after rest and sleep.
Seek medical help if you suspect that you have problems with your kidney function.
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