A List of the Top 5 Worst Dressed Celebrities In Nigeria (Photos)

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These celebrities could be termed bad dressers. Their fashion sense is way out of this world, and are perceive has bad and weird sense of fashion or very abysmal sense of fashion. The list is actually longer but I decided to limit it to these ones. You can add others.

Charley Boy

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The Area Father often dresses in a Scarry manner. He always wears rings all over his fingers, nose. His dress sense is not only weird but outrageous. Veteran entertainer, Charly Boy Oputa certainly knows how to raise smoke without fire, at least he hasn’t hurt anyone with his way of life, regardless of anyone’s perception. He took to the Instagram again on Monday to release some photo shoots with his partner. As they say, pictures speak louder than words.

Denrele Edun

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Everybody knows Denrele as a weird dresser. He always looks like a pop star on red carpets. You know I am wearing this Igbo native attire, isi-agu, and of course when (the Igbos) wear it they always have this red cap on their head. In my own case, my head is small which is weird so I just decided to do the red hair to complement the attire. Actually it was not because of the outfit; I have always and will authentically love red. It’s my favorite colour so I just said to myself I have done red hair but in very short forms so I wanted it in a very long form only for me to realize that the hair extension in a packet is very small.

Tiwa Savage

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A times she gets her dressing right but would not get the make up right and vice versa. She also loves wearing very revealing outfits.

Emeka Ike

Emeka has all it takes to always dress in an admirable manner but he doesn’t. He often wears oversized suits/coats.

Cossy Orjiakor

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Cossy is a bad dresser any day, any time, on red carpets and off red carpets. If she doesn’t wear dresses that would pop out her oversized “watermelons”, she hasn’t started.

Rukky sands

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Rukky has a penchant for wearing very revealing outfits. On one occasion she used her hands to cover her breasts due to the highly revealing gown that almost showed the tips of her breasts.

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