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Abdulkadir Ibrahim Declares Intention to Run for Zamfara State House of Assembly 2019

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Hon. Abdulkadir Ibrahim

Hon. Abdulkadir Ibrahim on 11th September, 2018 took to his Facebook page to declare his intentions to run for Zamfara State House of Assembly election representing Kaura North Constituency.

With the signing of the ‘not too young to run bill’ by the present day government, Abdulkadir Ibrahim is said to be “THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE”, as the youths have endorsed him to bring sanity to Kaura North Constituency.

Hon.  Abdulkadir in a statement credited to his Facebook account said:

Philosophically, Democracy as a system of government was founded on the ethics of mass participation and popular interests so that a citizen of a given nation directly takes part in the process of electing a leader who would superintends over the affairs of the people.

Thus, in the contemporary settings, Population explosion seems to have eroded the basic tenets of citizens’ personal involvement in the Democratic process so that Representative Democracy assumes the place of direct democracy where citizens’ political choice became a function of proxy.

Hon. Abdulkadir Ibrahim intends running under All Progressives Congress (APC).

It is unclear if he has picked the nomination form for the party.

Updates coming in later…

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