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Accra fishermen catch mysterious snakes at sea (Video and Photos)

Some social media users were on Saturday shocked when Fishermen in La, a suburb ofAccra, caught snakes together fish as they dragged their fishing net to the shore.

A Facebook user who was at the beach and had the chance to join the fishing expedition caught the video and uploaded it on her Facebook timeline.
She also had some pictures to show of the bizarre event.
The Facebook user who goes by the name Kafui Adzah seemed to be campaigning against the use of plastic bags.
She hash-tagged her post #banplasticsnow.
This is not the first time sometime bizarre of such nature has come up. Some fishermen in the past have pulled up far more mysterious bodies from the sea.
The Facebook user was advocating for the protection of our water bodies to avoid it being deteriorated by the activities of humans.
See Video and more pictures here:

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