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The Act of Addic­tion — EPISODE 3 (Ste­vo)


Ste­vo man­aged to let go of her hold, and as I walked out the door I won­dered how she’d fol­lowed me all the way here despite my attempts to avoid even a glimpse of her. She was just too dif­fi­cult and would­n’t let me have my way, always intrud­ing. She thought she knew and had seen it all to cau­tion always. I was­n’t going to hinge to that, no way…not again! For once in my life, I want­ed to feel life, want­ed to grow under my own care, want­ed to be inde­pen­dent, not the half baked life but raw…raw! And yes…I was an adult now, I did­n’t give a fly­ing foot about what the world would think or what the lash­ing tongues would blurt out, I just want­ed to be free.

They said I was doing harm than good to myself but.…I want­ed to take that risk, a risk that was fun, a risk that made the pain of liv­ing sweet, a risk I found solace in.  I was­n’t scared of noth­ing, I’d explore risks .… I had tak­en that bold step before and I could take a thou­sand more if that’s what it entails…“freedom”.

Ste­vo my man! Wetin dey hap­pen?” Luke hailed with a grin as I approached them in one of our usu­al spots. I could tell they were hav­ing a great time, with emp­ty bot­tles of gin, cig­a­rette packs, lit­ter­ing the floor, I want­ed to speak out, hail in return as always but my lips could­n’t move, I was too vexed to feast on words.

” Ma guy why your face dey like this?” He ques­tioned, I ignored him. “Guy chillax, na wetin dey work you…cool your head make you yarn me” wole added hand­ing me a pack of cig­garate as I sat next to him on the bench. I reached for the lighter, lit the cig­garate and start­ed smok­ing.

My man yarn me sharp sharp!” Luke said, eager to hear my ordeal as I puffed out smoke from my nos­tril and mouth in the cold, Misty air.

Na that woman o. Maale just dey .….… For my mat­ter any­how.

The woman just dey spoil my Show, you Sef check am na. Me na pikin?” I voiced out, angri­ly yet relieved I’d poured out my heart. They stared at me at first, then…a pause like I’d spo­ken in strange tongues. What fol­lowed after was a roar of laugh­ter from the two of them.

Mtchew! What’s fun­ny?” I ques­tioned with a hiss. They laughed again, hard­er this time.  “So guy you mean say as you dey like this your maale still dey run things for you.…that one no pure na” said Wole who was still try­ing to con­trol him­self from laugh­ing more.

” Ste­vo! My man!! Come dey go house before your maale begin find you, night don show” Luke mocked. “We don’t roll with kids” he added, as they cracked up in series of laugh­ter that stung me. I gave them an angry look, hissed again, grabbed one of the gin bot­tle and gulped. I felt humil­i­at­ed by their laugh­ter, for a moment I thought about her, she was the rea­son for this humil­i­a­tion, mock­ery, my mum. “kid” i hate to hear that word being used on me, I stopped being a kid the day I dared to taste sub­stance, some­thing for men of strength and val­our, and I was going to prove to them I was­n’t one, in many ways, many many ways… I’d prove them all wrong, dare them again.

Writ­ten by Martha 
Direct­ed by God­win Alechenu
Pow­ered by foga tim­o­thy (Mr tourism Benue zone b)

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