Neymar admits acting during the World Cup

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Brazillian Superstar Neymar has finally admitted that he exaggerated most of his reactions during the Worldcup that took place in Russia.

In a sponsored advertorial that was aired nationally in several Brazillian networks on Sunday, Neymar vow to fight on and promised to be a new man

“You may think I exaggerate. And sometimes I do exaggerate. But the truth is I suffer on the pitch,”  he revealed in the sponsored advertorial.

He disclosed that his football style was like a boy who was akin to sometimes charms the world and sometimes irritates the whole world.

“I fight to keep that boy alive inside of me, but not on the pitch,” Neymar stated

“You may think I fall too much,” Neymar continued. “But the truth is I did not fall. I fell apart, that hurts more than any step on an operated ankle.

“I took long to accept your criticism. I took long to look at myself in the mirror and become a new man, I fell, but only who falls can pick himself up.

“You can keep casting stones. Or throw these stones away and help me stand. When I stand, all of Brazil stands with me,” he added

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