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Addicts Now Result in Smoking Grey Hair and Scorpions to get High – VGADA

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Vanguard Against Drug Abuse (VGDA) an NGO in Nigeria has raised alarm over the new trend in getting high by drug addicts using scorpion and grey hair.

Recall that Nigeria government banned importation and use of cough syrups containing codeine which addicts use in getting high, now it seems the new option in getting extremely intoxicated discovered by addicts is smoking of grey hair mixed with marijuana and smoking of scorpions.

VGADA President, Dr Hope Abraham, confirmed  the use of grey hair and marijuana by some youths to get high in an Interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recently in Abuja.

Abraham, who said that he got to know about the development through one of the members of the organisation (Benue Chapter) however, stated that hands are on deck to ensure this trend was curb to the barest minimum.

“It was one of our member, Alechenu Godwin, that conducted an interview with one of the drug addict during a sensitisation we held recently at one of the black spot in Benue.

“The drug addict name withheld said in the interview that some of them have contacts with barbers to get those hairs from them.

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“Grey hairs are no food. As a doctor, as we grow older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die.

“When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become a more transparent color like gray, silver, or white as it grows.

“I an surprise that some youths have found grey hair as an interesting substance to get intoxicated.


“The drug addict confirms that smoking grey hair is an alternative to smoking weed and that it is more smokable than the normal black hair,”he said.

Abraham said that it was mandatory for all to come together and ensure this new trend does not spread.

“Although the substance has no name yet and it has not yet escalated. However, we have come across someone into it.

“And you know what, everyday, new substances of intoxication are coming up and young people are trying new ways on how to get intoxicated.

“it is a new trend by the youths. We have started counselling the one we came in contact with and we would start sensitisation as soon as possible to ensure this doesn’t spread,” he said.

Elsewhere in Pakistan, it has been confirmed that some people engage in the dreadful act of smoking scorpions to get high which is also a new trend that might extend to other part of the world if proper measures are not taken. It is reported that the intoxication derived from getting high on scorpion last for around 10 hours and supposedly makes everything look like it’s “dancing.”

The scorpions can be smoked straight or mixed with tobacco or hash.

According to VGADA’s President, the new trend of getting high on scorpion and grey hair can be prevented from spreading more in Africa and other part of the world through proper sensitisation and campaigns. He added that the association was seriously working towards that.

The organisation had conducted several campaigns against the dangers of drug abuse, Dr. Abraham therefore urged Nigerian Youth to shun the act.

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