Angry Man Kill His Son, Buries His Body in Farm for Failing Jamb

Man Kill His Son

Angry Man Kill His Son, Buries His Body in Farm for Failing Jamb.

A man by name Michael Charles has been arrested for the murder of his son in Delta State. He was arrested by the officers of the police force after he tried to park out of his home due to the incident.

It was reported by the neighbours that Mr Michael had his son, John, before his wife died has been heavily complaining of the boy being dull in school.

However, he confessed to the crime after enough pressure. The boy’s body was found buried in a farm, unfortunately for him, a farmer on saturday dug the place unintentionally and found the missing boy’s body which Mr Michael had claimed was missing.

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When asked the reason he committed such crime, he said that “the boy won’t become anything in life and it was better to do away with him.” He also said his latest exams which was JAMB was terrible as he is the lowest amongst all the Nigerians that took the exams, scoring 49 out of 400.

Many have abused the man, as he was severely beaten up before being handed over to the police. Also reported was that the boy was not even ready for JAMB as he was still in SS1 class.

He has been apprehended and detained, as further investigations are still being carried out, as many believe that they ouought toe another reason for the death of his only son.

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