Meet the Happy Family Living with HIV and they are 100% Healthy

People living with HIV were stigmatized until recently after so many campaigns and education against stigmatization which now makes it possible for those who have tested positive to the virus to live freely. Some even expose their status without fear, all thanks to WHO and NGOs who fought for them.

This photo of a family leaving with the virus is making rounds on the internet and what makes it more appealing is the fact that it’s only the mother that has the virus.

According to reports, the mother is HIV POSITIVE, but she takes her medication regularly which makes her count low, she can’t pass it to her husband, which makes her able to live her normal life and give birth to healthy children.

Testing positive to HIV is not the end of the world, there are so many people out there living with the virus, and a handful of them are living a normal life like every other person.

As long as you take your medication regularly and stick to the advice of doctors, you can live as long as God wills.

The stigma against those living with HIV has to stop, as Africans especially, we have to educate each other on this.

Pass this on.

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