Checkout Dubai’s first mobile petrol station – Pumps 12,000 litres of Petrol

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Dubai has just launched its very first compact petrol station that will cater to residential communities throughout the city.

Currently in its pilot stage and set up within the Arabian Ranches community, the relocatable unit from Enoc has been up and running for five days and has so far pumped 12,000 litres of fuel into mortorists’ cars.

As the first such compact petrol station in the Middle East, it has a tank capacity to hold 30,000 liters of Special 95 and can fill up to 400 cars per day.

With two pumps on site, the relocatable unit can be dismantled and moved to a different location within 30 days.

The decision to launch such a community convenient option to fueling was made to help create ease of use to people living in remote areas of Dubai.

More details to come.

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