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What exactly is blue balls and What Effects does it have on Men?

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What exactly is blue balls and how does this happen?

The term “blue balls” is not a medical term, it refers to the pain a man feels in his scrotum from prolonged sexual arousal without ejaculation.

Naturally, if a guy gets turned on and doesn’t finish, it can cause an aching sensation in his balls. But don’t worry, he’ll live. Blue balls is not dangerous and can’t cause any long-term damage.

Here is how it happens.

This happens when a man becomes aroused, and blood rushes into his penis and testicles, causing swelling. Then pressure begins to build up and since it doesn’t get released, it can result in an annoying feeling. Ultimately, the discomfort goes away as the blood drains and the genitals go back to normal.

However, it won’t affect a man long-term, except for maybe his ego. As far as why the colour “blue” is in the name, According to Dr. Kashanian, “The colour blue seems to have originated from an idea that the scrotum may appear to have a bluish shade after a lengthy period of sexual arousal, although this has never been verified in medical research. The term could just as easily represent the feeling of the testes feeling bruised, or ‘black and blue.’” Whatever the case, a man’s testicles should never actually turn a colour.

The most important thing to remember is to never let a man use blue balls as an excuse to pressure you into sex.

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