Drunk Simi Rolls on Hotel Passage After Alcoholic Night Partying (Video)

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Simi and Mum

We all love our Female Celebrities most especially those in the entertainment industry, you can’t deny the fact that Nigeria’s Music Entertainment Industry is the fastest growing industry when compared to others.

With all the dramas and gossip that comes with it, most celebrities prefer keeping their personal life on the low out of the preying eyes of fans and most especially the media, but not our beloved Simi.


Resentlty , Simi was caught on camera rolling around a hotel passage ecstatically after a night of intensive alcohol party with friends.

Simi shared videos of herself having fun at a nightparty on Thursday night and she can be seen dancing to loud music with an empty alcohol bottle, only to get back to her hotel to lie down in the passage.

Here is a video:

One outstanding fact about Simi is a boldness and confidence, doing things differently. She can be seen on the video running round the hotel passage having fun while her friend makes the video. She even gave a shout-out to her mum and dad amidst all this.

Simi revealed some time back, that alcohol exposes her love for her hubby Adekunle Gold, while sharing on her instagram page she wrote;

“Alcohol exposes my love. I always call Kunle and say “I’m tipsy baby. i love you”. And I’m always extra lovey with my friends. Lool – but off the plane, I hardly ever drink.  (it’s not even funny, so that emoji was stupid.)”

She also replied a fan who said she was drunk saying;

“Lol I’m not drunk. Just super tipsy. I’ve never been drunk. Except that one time when I drank this long Island TWICEEEE and fell asleep like idiot after paying 42k for Spaghetti  so stupid

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