Faith for Victory Conference Cross-Borders

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Faith for Victory Conference

Faith for Victory conference (FFVC) a monthly program by Amazing Christian Church International (ACCI) has taken a new turn into Italy.

The conference started in Nigeria covering strategic locations in Abuja the capital territory.

Faith for victory conference aims at teaching the undiluted doctrines of Faith across the globe and this month’s episode is happening live at Naples Italy.

One interesting fact about the conference is not just the teaching but also the love and charity experienced during the program. The organizers of the monthly program makes it an harbit of reaching out to people through gifts and giveaways.

The last faith for victory conference in Nigeria experienced great turn-out
of believers and each new member went home with a bag packed with giveaway items.

While announcing the news on his Facebook page, the Senior Pastor of ACCI, Dr. David Donald Ogar expressed optimism that the program will impact the lives of Christians in Italy.

If you wish to experience the undiluted message of faith, this is your opportunity.

You can follow Pastor David Donald Ogar on Facebook to stay on the loop.


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