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FIFA tells broad­cast­ers to reduce focus on attrac­tive women

FIFA has asked nation­al broad­cast­ers and its own tele­vi­sion pro­duc­tion team to start show­ing few­er images of attrac­tive women in World Cup sta­dia in future broad­casts.

FIFA diver­si­ty chief, Fed­eri­co Addiechi, said the sub­ject came up on Wednes­day in a review of FIFA’s anti-dis­crim­i­na­tion pro­gramme in Rus­sia, USA Today reports.

Mon­i­tors iden­ti­fied sex­ist inci­dents, includ­ing fans harass­ing female broad­cast­ers, as hav­ing been a big­ger prob­lem so far than acts of racism.

Fans harass­ing female broad­cast­ers while they worked are among about 30 cas­es of “sex­ism on the streets” report­ed to FIFA by the Fare Net­work.

Fare direc­tor, Piara Powar, said about half of those report­ed inci­dents involved female broad­cast­ers being “accost­ed while on air.”

He esti­mat­ed up to 10 times more unre­port­ed cas­es where Russ­ian women were tar­get­ed.

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